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Maybe it was unintentional. She meets a woman who at one point had met murdoch as her lawyer at the end of the case after he took the case until he gave her a thousand dollars cash after he lost the case. Because he's such a person and she still homeless. Electric gives her a five thousand dollars necklace. Which he says is probably were two thousand dollars. Okay of one thousand dollars. Ten years ago still homeless you really think is going to get her out of homelessness in this moment and more point. It's it's like. I would much rather rather than are being this person punching people she and i would much rather in the sense that i would much rather as a story that we can look back into later. How she parlayed her economic experience and knowledge into rebuilding Hell's kitchen in a way that did not incorporate table if she built hell's kitchen into a place that he needed people rather than. Oh i guess. I own everything now. And here's without hit. You had a thousand two thousand dollars now. Sits everything know it is just and we get how you might see. This is a good story. Well i guess what. I just feel like so what i mean again charlie. I mean it's the first step i mean. Let's say she just showed up into. I mean you want pyeho mcdonagh's you five bucks. I mean there's not going to change his life but does that mean you don't get anything or but we don't have a thousand bucks to give them. I said five bucks you would you. That's all thousand bucks. I hope good things will come to. But obviously i can expect that either. You know i would be fair. That's why it's actually a structural issue. Which is why you know you have to fix the structural inequality and allows electricity by half a block out from under people. Just don't money for. I mean again too. I think this is day one. She showed up day one. Maybe somewhere down. The read y you know inbetween punch and people out. She's gonna maybe do more public. Works or something. But i i i mean i mean she's been out of the world for years. I mean between being a ninja clans and being dead and And to be fair. I mean this is the thing like this. The hopefully wilson's desk is that there is equality to him. That is gonna say. I want electric. I wanna work with electric to have this balance between our underworld and are successful world. I want to build a world. That's better so all of us. My question is why she weren't daredevil. Suit is a species just trying to build herself as a symbol because one bobin we all. Yeah because obviously every like i said i mean obviously in the marvel universe hell's kitchen where the port authority is is still under police. Though section of manhattan island the at is just allowed to the detritus..

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