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You a more personal connection with them the product that we wanted to talk about today is they have an air cleaning product and the primary ingredients in it are Olivera, which is wonderful for healing natural eucalyptus extract, and you use this as an air cleaner and preventative it's not for when your dog has an ear infection. It's not a medicine, but if you have a dog who's prone to dirty ears or your place in the mud or you've got a dog with heavy floppy ears, like, golden retrievers and labrador retrievers. This would be great. It'd be wonderful Kate. I know you used it on your guys this this evening. I like the smell of it easy to put in their years. They were not terribly offended, which subtypes. Assists for cats and dogs. So that yes. Yes. One of my cats has Tennessee. He's got allergies. Scotty, long hair. Looks like a Turkish man he was arrested. But it looks like a Turkish van. He's got allergies and he tends to get dirty ears. I would introduce this very carefully. He's a big cat. He could hurt me. A what am I saying? Fluid look with his redundant. It's not sticky. It's not so one thing you can do with something. That's that fluid. Is so cotton ball. Yes. With the Cotton Bowl in the ear and then start massaging. So it gets dispense that way. Plus when you put the cut ball in the air it warms slightly. So you're not giving a dose of Colt liquid. But if you consider the fact that ear infections or one of the big reasons why dogs and cats, but primarily dogs make visits. I mean, especially an allergy season. Or when the dogs were outside ear infections are a big thing. I know we you and I were both vet Tix. It's nicer to have a dog. So anyway, you can go up to their website pets our kids to T O dot com. Take a look at the products the premium pet ear cleaner. It's all natural, aloe. Vera in eucalyptus USA made in the USA and take a look at it. If you decide to purchase it if you enter the code pet PET one five you'll get fifteen percent off your order, and there's also a lifetime money back guarantee. So take a look at it. We're enthused about.

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