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Hundred WLW the sports talk till not appliance McAllister here's the set up you would be till nine the reality check with the gamble and Finn from nine to midnight Austin Elmore taking cook things across the glass SIG in the newsroom overseeing it all let's see what we can make out of the next two hours and thirty eight minutes or so I don't want to present this is something the rate should be panicked about or desperate about it's not it's not like it's that bad it's more an annoyance it developing into a concern at this point Freddy Galvis talk with this gal today not with the Reds organization who said to me is to be considered a legitimate contender you have to have a better starting shortstop in Freddy Galvis any city if you hope you're a contender you have to have a better backup shortstop and Kyle farmer and I've been thinking about what it what he said today and about the red situation in in a perfect world I think if you gave the going to the Reds truth serum they would say they would be better off as a team if Freddy Galvis was a super sub off the bench a backup shortstop who could play multiple positions but it's not a perfect world so he's their starting shortstop and they don't have a true shortstop on their forty man roster beyond him so you can understand the the heightened sense of discomfort that the starting shortstop has been detained twice in the first two weeks and he's missed games which is odd because Freddy Galvis is MO was durability in twenty sixteen he didn't miss a game in twenty seventeen he didn't miss a game in fact he had a streak of three hundred and forty nine consecutive games played it came over from the Reds after the the over to the right after the claim him on waivers and in the final month of the season he had a a sprained it needs that he missed time and then he was ill it wasn't it wasn't motto but it but it was second missed him is like the final two to two and a half weeks of the season and now in spring training he's developed the the sore shoulder the throwing shoulder he missed some time and now he has the type left quad he's missing missing time and had an MRI yesterday again there's no sense that its season threatening surgery anything like that it just more at this point a nuisance the annoyance of manner starting shortstop who is like Mr durable has been dating twice and now it really puts the focus on something we were hoping to kind of cover up in in cross our fingers on a kind of patch you cannot patch a hole in terms of what we were going to do on days he doesn't play that was one of the questions the entire offseason who's the backup shortstop Freddy Galvis it was gonna be Hey who there are there it's gonna make a trade for shortstop in Freddy Galvis to a super sub role and and once it it appeared that wasn't going to happen Lenore others it was right well who is the backup shortstop honesty right now it's Kyle former ko formal was a shortstop in high school and college he's now I'm a catcher or third baseman a second baseman he can he can do it all he troll told us C. Trent of the athletic earlier this month he said I'm a shortstop that can play catcher he says I'm not a catcher they can play shortstop porting to heat he knows the position he's played the position and yet he's played one inning of shortstop in the major leagues and he's played ten games at shortstop in his minor league career at this moment he is their backup shortstop my question would be how do we feel about that beyond that there's Alex Blandino a Blaine Dino has played eleven games in the majors at shortstop he made seventeen starts at triple a last year at shortstop beyond that you've got a couple of minor league pieces beyond that you've had those names churned through the rumor mill in the offseason beyond that there is the fantasy baseball approachable we'll just move this guy here and move him over here and put put this guide here a couple of things from from that pool of conversation Nixon sales not playing shortstop for this team one he's coming off a torn labrum the last thing you're going to do for a guy coming off a torn labrum is to put in a short stop and ask him to make the most difficult thrown the infield if not it on the diamond that's not gonna happen and the Reds it dabbled in that in for whatever reason in their minds they've seen enough of Nixon's Elon shortstop to know they've seen enough of Nixon's L. at shortstop I I guess I and I've heard this theory floated well why don't you move a U. any us war is over to short and move moves over to third and then you put in and that gets into moving a whole lot of pieces were ideally you just like to plug one piece if you had a backup shortstop and say that's our guy in til Freddy Galvis is ready to go if and when he gets things up once the season starts I guess you could make the sense Suarez's certainly played shortstop in his career coming up he's moved off of that position to become an outstanding third baseman he has certainly grown added weight and doesn't have the the the ranger versatility he once I had as a shortstop you could argue the shortstop position I guess on one hand you can cover up a lot with analytics and positioning yet I hate I think you can do that a lot of positions I don't know if you can cover that up and mask it with the shortstop position there is there is what I I guess I would label the nuclear option maybe that's a little harsh and I've been asked this enough that I'm going to present it to you what if I told you there were a short stop out there who is out of work who was twenty six years old who's a former National League all star starter at the position who hit twenty one homers and drove in ninety five playing impressive defense in a season where his team won the World Championship and he had a grand slam in game six of the World Series and it hit two home runs in the NLCS against the Dodgers but he's a guy who's out of work for a number of reasons including his play has diminished the last couple of years and by the way was suspended for forty games near the end of the twenty eighteen season for violating the league's domestic abuse policies he sat out the first twenty eight games of last season to complete the suspension was demoted at one point during the season last year to become more familiar with his team's signs that he continually missed and was eventually non tendered in the offseason it wouldn't be a trade it wouldn't be a lot of money it would be an inexpensive bounce back candidate who certainly will be playing with a a sense of urgency but someone whose career has trended down has trended off the tracks in Kerry's is a lot of baggage his name would be Addison Russell so I think we've got a set up here now now I need you so we'll take some calls we continue in what we make out of this again and I've got my hands out like a hole like I'm like a third base coach like what's not I I don't want this to be presented as panic desperation got to do something Freddy Galvis probably returns this weekend but it has continued to kind of pick at the area that the rates are a little bit vulnerable hat at the shortstop position what can be done should be done might be done take your calls next on the home of the raids news radio seven hundred WLW traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. W. Cincinnati Jesse gets go out it's more coronavirus cases are confirmed in the U. S. but the six thirty report I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now vice president Mike pence visited Minnesota today as he was touring a factory where they make the mass health care professionals are using to protect themselves from the corona virus vice president Mike pence stopped by three AM where they make protective masks as head of the corona virus task force he's charged with making test for the virus more readily available we don't have enough test today to me what we anticipate will be the demand pence does believe they have enough test for the present we additionally this week have distributed fifteen hundred kits with a roughly five hundred tests each how experts say ABC news Washington the Ohio department of health says the state has received a corona virus tested and will begin to administer those test this weekend three people in the state are currently being tested for the virus there but no confirmed cases in Ohio at this time now the latest traffic and weather together from the UCL traffic center UC health's proton therapy center targets cancerous tumors with sub millimeter precision call five one three five eight four beam to learn more that's five one three five eight four B. E. A. M. there are two separate accidents both are on the right shoulder southbound seventy one at Red Bank so heads up for that there's an accident on Hamilton Avenue at crest road and an accident in the clean up stages eastbound twenty eight year two seventy five at the Milford exit your continued slow this evening stop and go north bound seventy five between Mitchell and Glendale Milford south bound between seventh street and the cut on the hill and north down seventy one improving between Smith Edwards up to the Ronald Reagan I'm rob Williams with traffic on.

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