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And then October, 2007. That's when there was the first report. In the National Enquirer. Nobody else in the media was touching the story. The National Enquirer was the only entity that would And a wrote About His mistress. Right because This wass This had been going on for quite some time. The whispers about all the stuff and then it came out. Oh, His mistress was a campaign worker, and she was like a videographer on the campaign trail. And so now they were because he was also being positioned as May be attorney general. And then finally, by the summer of away. That's when all these media outlets were saying, looks like Yeah, he's done running for vice president, and then the footage came out. The Beverly Hilton Hotel. He was in the lobby with his mistress. She had had a baby. His wife was struck. His wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She ended up Ah, she had metastases breast cancer. She passed away in 2010 his wife, So his wife is sick and fighting all of this. This is when all of this was happening. So then, remember. Then. He had this campaign aide Andrew Young, come out and say, Oh, no, hey, is not the father of Iowa Hunter's baby on the father of Rile Hunter's baby. And Me off. And There was And he was an and young was the one who is being pushed to accept all the responsibility, but then He and now he renounced his statement, and he came out, said John Edwards always knew that that bed there was his bed day and I was not the father. He made me falsely accept responsibility. I set up all these meetings between John Edward, then his mistress, Lava Ryan Hunter. Oh, my gosh. And then it all came out. Edwards promised Hunter that he was going to marry her ever. His wife kicked the bucket and they were going to the Dave Matthews Band there. Gosh, get think of anything more awful. And it was just and he He covered it up. And the cover up is always worse than the crime. And then he came back. He was like, Well, I'm a sinner, but not a criminal All. But then there was some criminal stuff that was uncovered and that one rich lady and they're always named like bunny or something like that. But that one rich lady named Bunny Mellon. It's not a type of fruit. It's a woman. It's her name was bunny melon. Melon. M e l l O n melon. None but me. And then Like he had taken money from her toe finance all this stuff. Oh, my gosh. And it came out he got he was indicted. He got six felony charges, account of conspiracy, making false statements. And then he I mean, it was insane. His career was done. But the thing is that nobody else in the media would report on this. But National Enquirer and then National Enquirer. Just whole hog kept report on it. Everybody was making fun of National Enquirer. National Enquirer's over You're doing news and everyone else is making fun of the National Enquirer, because how dare you report on our girls in boy? John Edwards have dare you and they kept reporting on it. And then finally, everyone else had to acknowledge it. And then now we are where we are. It's literally the same thing all over again. But with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, we can't trust the New York Post. I mean, isn't that literally that? Isn't that the The newspaper was that started by Alexander Hamilton. Wholeness. The question. We can't trust The New York Post. I would trust someone verified. Person actually said that in a deleted their tweet But they said that I would trust the National Enquirer more and I'm like, really, because they were also right about John Edwards. So you're you're literally going after the newspaper that was founded by Alexander Hamilton and trying to say that you can't trust them because they're writing knows things about the candidate you like. That's not how this works. It's the it's a John Edwards, part two. There's even a love child. And this time there's Creek. Like the sequel, You know you needed We got this and more here coming up. And lots of stuff. Lots of stuff. Yeah. Alexander Hamilton. I thought so. As we get moving on. Here are friends at car shield. Ladies and.

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