Terry Francona, Cleveland, World Series discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show - Hour 2: Ryan Clark


About a month away from that let me say this my god what a job terry francona is too a team straight 18 straight games the cleveland indians have 18 straight what a hell of a job terry francona zdnet i mean this man led the boston red sox though world series ended the curse goes to cleveland guides them to the world series last year game seven baht away they could have easily won their world series what the cubs give no love credit which do but you have that going on i mean once upon a time i thought the astros was that they've lost four straight primarily probably because of distractions but still and all i i thought the astros with a lock to go to the world series i'm not so sure my yankees i think they're going to get the wall caught obviously but i still think they can catch the boston red sox the only three and a half games back i still think they can catch him i really do congrats the era judged by the way forty home runs only rookie says mark mcgwire to do it major props to him that's on that side of the country out west here because i'm in la right now there is a gentleman in the city of los angeles it is officially time for you to be concern the dodgers are one in sixteen in their last seventeen day of games they wants out of twenty one and a half gamely it has been dwindled to nine.

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