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These three players jalen wild devante smith antonio brown them by the quality of the offense that they're in so brown waddell smith brown smith waddell for me and i point per reception leagues rank. These three players cd lamb allen robinson robert woods robinson woods lamb. That's my order as well robinson woods. Lamb okay rank fees three players. Chase edmunds daryl. Henderson raheem mostert edmonds henderson. Most i will say edmonds henderson and moster that tuna row. Yeah it's real. All right rank. These three players jude. You was like what's going on there. Okay dave can you hear me now. The plug in my gotcha juju spins schuster. Jomar chase kenny golladay. Juju jomar chase golladay. There's no way this is going to be three in a row. Chris this would be amazing I have chase golladay. Schuster smith schuster chase juju golladay much less confident about two and three then one. Dave won't look at me cursing. Why chase one ahead of Jujubes misuse i'm not a big fan of juju. Repeating what he did last year. I think. I actually think there's a chance he could still get like. Maybe seven or eight touchdowns in the yardage will be the same. I bet his catches go down. I bet it's targets go down. This is the steelers offense. That'll throw a little bit less than last year and i don't view him as a very efficient receiver. I think there's a real chance. The steelers offense takes a big step back this season. I'm i'm very worried about ben rothlisberger. I thought that way as well. And then when i started watching that offensive line in the preseason their last two preseason game specifically i felt a lot better i don't often sublime run up against starters though because i don't think they really were that much definitely not but at least they were who cares at the time is going to be a challenge. Because buffalo's got a bunch of defensive lineman but i it was a not. I saw enough to where i felt. Okay with it. It's more of our office burger for me. I'm just trying to learn a new ish offense for the first time in a decade plus playing under center more.

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