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Thirty day challenge from your original processor written in twenty one days when we were designing this. I bet there's there's probably two groups of people right now saying one saying I want to go do this because I've always had a book me and the other saying wait a minute. Process challenge challenge process could be something that I could build. For something that I offer as well. So how? How did you call put some constraints? Would deliver it. Latronic. Lee but did you say? The if is the AVATAR. Kind of receiving this day by day plan. Can I assume that he's going to have X. amount of time to do it like how did you get yourself some constraints around the delivery of that and the effort behind an achieving. Yeah. So when I so I decided to reduce instead of twenty one because twenty one is really fast. And I think that a good thing to keep for anybody is like you can be an expert at something or you can be good at something but you can't assume that the person following your process is going to do is exactly the same speed as you are. So I wanted to kind of like built in more real which I always think is a good thing to do you know. I. Don't know I think I forgot. The question. How did you? How did you constraints around like like you can't you can't assume that the person. Doing the thirty day regarding challenge is going to have a full workday jet is in how did you come with the constraints around? What is what can you expect that the person has to actually deliver this product? Yeah for sure will I was working full time when I wrote my first book so I knew that I knew how to do it on a part time basis you know and I think the other thing is typically one of the things that I learned is oftentimes as. You know as business owners like especially if you're sharing digital content or your, you know you have a service based business or something like that. oftentimes, what we do is we think of the whole picture that needs to happen for the customer in order to get them from point eight Z. The really what we need to do is we need to take them from like eight S. okay. So what I mean by that is I used to teach like my video courses on how to take somebody from writing the book to publishing a book marketing and launching the book successfully to become a bestseller. What I did differently with this one as I said, let me just put aside the publishing and marketing piece for the focus of this challenge will get that afterwards of course, but the reality is it feels so overwhelming when you're just trying to get the book written to think about how am I gonNA publish it market again once you have that win then it's Easier to move to the next win So that was a big piece of it for me..

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