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For me until holidays pass. And it was kind of a kind of a cool way. You to didn't expect them to come in. And do that. Things getting married host of news, and my matters. And I noticed you know, you guys come up with these moments. We re going for an on air conversion to Mormonism. There was that what was that? You've just gone for just went on the air, hoping they just. I put some Mormon Mojo on that. Even though I've signed it as a, you know, the churches would you let it in the Mormon language universal life adesco, California. So I yeah. So I was trying to get them into the water. I noticed you know, you went for some spiritual moment, and you sort of dismissed mine and. About the song each while, you do this all the time. I'm kind of being you know, I'm always the butt of jokes. And I'm always laughing laughing laughingstock victim here Victorian victim. Sure. I have a lot to offer spiritual. I never I never get to do. I thought your I thought your what was the song you recommended cheap ass? We've. I recommended a song for you. In other words about one. But I mean, I think the words of cheap ass. We've either really you've never this is spiritually uplifting. Oh, I think. So. All right. I think so. Okay. You have would you like to hear some sure while you're doing that? I'll look maybe go back and forth, and we can compare. Okay. Okay. Don't even take Nomo selfies that we've doesn't even deserve any pictures. Like, where did you buy that s who really acknowledged it? What makes you feel that you would be lit? If you went and copped that s. Think about that. Let it let me compare. Well, I've been a been a lot of places in my life and time I've done a lot of songs that I made some bad rhymes. I've acted my life out in stages with ten thousand people watching, but now, we're alone. And I'm singing my song for you. I mean, that's that's not bad. That's not bad. What about this though? They tell you. You look good. Wasn't you iffy? Oh, I know they tell you get two bundles for fifty girl, you ain't low. I know how this go. Keep shoes is. Okay. Keep dress is okay. But cheap. We've is. No. And I know your image of me is what I I hope to be treated you unkindly. But darling. Can't you see that? There is no one more important to me. So please just see through me because we're alone now. And I'm singing my song for you. Kind of see what what you're seeing in that. But I think a more to cut more to the core. I would go with this talk about me with your dusty ass. We've now you out of control, and they say romance is dead. Right. I'm Cardi B. I come through, and I kill everything everything. And that's a fact got me on my hitman s like Brett Brett rep rep brab brab brab. Thank god. I love you in a place where there is no space or time. I love you for my life. And you're a friend of mine, and when my life is over remember that we were together, we were alone. And I was singing my song for you. Rap. I haven't I don't save it hard is dead. I don't think. So I don't think. So I think that's beautiful, Stu. Thank you. That's Cardi B Cardi B. She's a very I mean, if you don't if you don't have the entire catalogue it's worth picking up this holiday season. Really? Obviously, you get the get the kind of the Christmas vibe when you listen to it. When she says things like, I'm fully reloaded full clip. I cut to the chase snip snip that we've gotta go pink slip. Looking washed up, drip, drip? Wow. I mean, if they had their bows yet, they may want to consider something like that. I get in the way it does put to shame. What you taught me precious secrets of truth withholding. Nothing you came out in front, but I was hiding and now I'm so much better. On my words, don't come together. And listen to the melody for my loves in there hiding you're so right? The snip snip, drip, drip thing is a lot better and more much more much. More lasting. Can I close the year with? I can't believe it. This is insane. How can you talk about me when you're wave when you're we've is inside the grave. I can't believe it or is it just me. But why all these bitches just walk in the streets with some cheap ass. We've..

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