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We saw it. Lonzo ball was good. Lonzo ball played minutes. And the the Lakers won. The Lakers are now three in one. When Lonzo plays more moments or more minutes than Rondo and Chris Broussard came on earlier, we talked about this. There was a battle going into the season veteran Rondo young Lonzo again last night. Lonzo got the major minutes and the Lakers looked really good and Bruce talked about that. You got one player that needs the ball. And that can't shoot. That's rondo. You've got another player who has proven. He doesn't need the ball, and he can shoot off the wall spot up shoot. That's lonzo. Obviously lonzo's gonna fit better with LeBron. They wanted to win to some degree. Now, they're not thinking championship. But they're thinking, hey, we do want to make the playoffs. We do want to make a little noise in the playoffs. That's why they went out and got Rondo Lance Stevenson and the veterans so those don't necessarily go together. Yep. Lonzo ball last night. Lakers. One too. Big leads almost blew it. He went three for three from beyond the arc. He had seven assists. No turnovers. He's a better defender than Rondo and. Well, I think Lonzo I think Lonzo juxtapose with Rondo he's more chill. And I also think as I said earlier going up with lavar. He's okay being in the shadow when you're surrounded by a loud alpha. And I think he's worked very well with LeBron James tomorrow.

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