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Players in beijing at the olympic even though they even are playing on north american rinks using for the tournament. Gretzky helping the chinese ice hockey federation like at one point. There was a pretty big push here rights to get into that chinese market and for china to a bigger part of ice hockey conches went over. Taxing kings. went over there for brand history repeats itself time and time and time again through the nineteen nineties. How many times do we go to japan to try to make sure i mean. Wha- heck remember. That's where that's where. Trevor linden lost. His captaincy was in tokyo from mark messier. We don't we. And i was part of a lot of that stuff at hockey night because we we ended up taken. I think. Six different teams Over four years to tokyo in in advance of of nagano to try to make sure the japanese understood hockey Just before we leave the olympic discussion. Because i do wanna ask you. 'bout mike lang and then i do want to ask you what you're hearing on the canucks And particularly michael doyle The new head of Bis on the business side but we have a listener here. Todd who wants to know with all your experience. John says ask john was. Cbc sports wrong and it's a conglomerate but cbc okay Cbc sports wrong to cut away for medal ceremonies prior to the anthems except for canada where canada one goal. That seemed like they were trying to shoehorn in another commercial. Instead of getting great pictures of watching our athletes watched the maple leaf for is okay. So that's a really really interesting question. But he here's what i can tell you i. I watched all those medal ceremonies. I watched everything. I i lived on the app. I lived yep so and godless scott russell because as a friend and be a great broadcaster and i thought he did a marvelous job in the primetime show but he was really the only cbc face that.

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