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Brett burkhart Paul manafort's former right hand man Rick gates returns to the witness stand today as manafort's. Fraud and tax, evasion trial. Continues, or respondent Joe John says and, testimony yesterday manafort's, lawyers work to discredit gates flames manafort's attorneys launching a fierce cross examination trying. To shred the credibility of his right hand man gates admitting to having an extramarital affair and the defense highlighting his refusal to use the term embezzlement manafort's lawyer? Pushing why won't you say embezzlement gates replying what? Difference does it make the? Defense, again asking, why don't you say embezzlement finally gates caving it was an embezzlement from Mr. Manafort Fire crews in northern California getting some help from the weather they're? Making progress against the Mendocino complex fire but Dan? Simon says crews are also? Continuing, to work, on several other fires around the state I don't, see the bay area home to seven of the. Top ten kindergartens with the lowest vaccination rates news comes along with, word that many parents are. On the hunt for doctors who. Will issue medical exemptions so they can get out. Of immunizing their children northern California has ten kindergartens with the highest rate of. Medical exemptions, highest rates of medical exemptions rather an according to the chronicle six of those kindergartens are. In the bay area four of the six are in sonoma's, county at the kindergarten and Sebastian, pool independent charter just thirty six percent of those students have all required vaccinations other schools, on the list sun ridge charter. And live oak charter both in cinema county. Berkeley rose, school in Alameda County and the new village school that one is in Marin county In Petaluma the. Woman who lost control of her car nearly two years ago and drove into the pedal and we're. River, killing, her two. Young daughters is being. Sentenced to five years of probation Alejandro Hernandez. Ruis managed to free herself but. It took twenty five minutes for first. Responders to get her seven and nine. Year old girls out. Of the submerged car we'll take a look.

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