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The story of how subject the antisoviet reformer chose putin the obscure kgb officer as his deputy it's also the story of how factions from the old soviet security establishment of come to be running russia today the officially sanctioned version the version putin will tell you goes something like this he'd been subject student at the university of decade earlier one day in 1990 the to have a chance meeting subjects says to putin coming work from it city hall putin is keen but he tell sub chuck this a little problem on their open you might no but hit hideo he says you see the thing is i work for the kgb p l let some check was simply amazed surely must have no he didn't now he was so romantic and naive not does not still subject new naive yield for you know subject simply hated the kgb he hated all those people said why did he high putin yet to my business who missed i think he had no other option there was no one else he gets into office then along comes put that was a fateful decision for russia naive property other told you subject was voted out of office in 1990 six amid corruption allegations while his political fortunes declined those of his deputy who are on the rise booted moved to moscow and got a job in the kremlin when anti corruption investigators called sub check in for questioning booted personally helped spirit him out of the country i spoke to his widow you'd millonarios uh once his feet signify more cold leprince the senior will be did indeed he instructed me how to do it all at logan is it to charter a special flight he used his contacts and he risked everything you know as a fastened as a comrade as a friend who tune is very long who was that just loyalty who was there's something else with subject gone the investigation into corruption in the bans off his where putin had been the deputy ground to a halt but a few years later the former employee of subjects by the name of yuri shootoff appeared at the offices of an independent journalist in saint petersburg on a shower gradiska fyre cay in our pledge center in he here on his own a.

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