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In January of nineteen sixty nine Tammy Wynette stand by your man was our fourth studio album its title track topped the country singles chart her fifth single to do so it proved to be our most successful song and one of those recorded songs and all of country music it said the song only took fifteen minutes to write in line it was criticized by people who claim the lyrics were anti feminist five thirty right now president trump says the U. S. is chosen more than fifty targets in Iran if the country strikes and the Americans of course this is in retaliation for the U. S. killing if he runs talk general meanwhile thousands turned out in Baghdad and around to mourn the death of cause some soul imeni as his funeral procession began in Iraq here the U. S. their anti war protests in a number of locations across the country including here in LA as more American soldiers are being deployed to the Middle East tonight thousands of additional troops are on their way to the region but one final casualty of the air strike might be the US military presence in Iraq tomorrow parliament will debate whether to kick American troops out of the country and we're also learning that Hezbollah is telling Iraqi soldiers that from Sunday night this vehicle longer away from US military bases that's reporter Ian leave so the money was killed early yesterday near the Baghdad International Airport in an airstrike ordered by president trump the death toll is twenty three in Australia as wildfires continue to destroy millions of acres of land in the state of Victoria and New South Wales BBC correspondent Scheimer Khaleel says the situation for many people is become desperate in Victoria as blazes continue to rage in the east evacuees from Malibu to we're getting ready to board the navy ship taking them to safety a moment of relief after a harrowing few days stranded in the fire ravaged town L. only option was to get into the full show and see that asked at one stage we had twenty five five talks with that's the prime minister Scott Morrison has said three thousand reserve troops will be deployed to help tackle the raging bush fires the first time this has happened in Australia's history climate change expert Michael Mann is in New South Wales and as all of the scientific information is coming to life in a devastating way I am literally on the front lines of observing the impacts of climate change is one thing to study this with the models that we use to project the future or to pour over data but it's something quite different to actually be there and when they said with your own to why make no mistake about it this is the impact of climate change by sun estimates nearly half a billion animals have been killed by the fires including thousands of quality airs and kangaroos coming up we have a overturned vehicle on the one thirty eight eight Gorman post road we're gonna take a closer look at that and the rest you read ways in less than four minutes right now it's five forty one to take this station with you wherever you go download the radio dot com app today and listen to this station and over three hundred other stations with the radio.

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