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He did. In preparation for the annual wasp festival organizers Shoko and dice game Miaki make the events specialty go. Hey, Macci or grilled sticky rice. I went over to their house to watch them and their daughters. Make the Tari or sauce for the moti-. And asking how many go him Archie? Do you need to make for the festival? And Shoko told me a thousand three hundred. Mazed? Since. The young Miaki families Tari recipe is rock solid dice que hand grinds peanuts into a paste by using a wooden pestle and a giant bowl with grooves on the inside called a seri- batch e. He keeps the ball steady on the floor with his knees while the kids grind the larva in a smaller version of that to make the sauce. They combine equal parts soy sauce white sugar and the peanut butter with year old Meese ginger and the mashed Hebel larva. Their kids grow making this stuff. You can tell by the way, they begged her mom for a taste. Finish. The mashed Florida at a note of slick fatty to the sauce, though, they're mild flavor subsumed by the saltiness that coats your mouth. But this is nothing compared to how it tastes when grilled which I found out later. The next day. I went to the community center to help Shoko and her crew of hired hands. Make the thirteen hundred moti they need for the festival. So here's how that process go..

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