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Good, and she's uh, she's a person who works in this institution. But she's a dominatrix and Harvey Korman is the guy she, you know abuses. It's really funny, But the thing that makes the movie the most funny is that there's all of these parodies of Alfred Hitchcock movies, you know, famous scenes and Alfred Hitchcock. Including the birds and Psycho vertigo. Vertigo. Yeah, it's really It's a really good movie. But she is the dominatrix was hysterical. But Frau Blucher to that was just brilliant. Just brilliant, Eh? So if you're just wondering why we're talking about Cloris Leachman, it is because she has died. And we're sorry that she has died because she was a wonderful actress. Very, very funny person. And by all accounts, a terrific person as well, Just a terrific woman. Um, Okay, let's let's move. Just something else here. Let's talk about Washington, D. C. Uhm senators are introducing a bill now to make Washington D C estate. Now I know that we've spoken of this previously in the abstract. You know what if shouldn't they We've talked about Puerto Rico is well that Puerto Rico should be granted statehood Should the people Puerto Rico decide that's what they want. Washington D. C. This is one that's always gotten on my nerves because Washington D. C should absolutely be a state. There's no reason that it shouldn't be the people in Washington, D. C. Hey, the highest per capita federal income taxes in the United States, the highest per capita federal income taxes in the United States. But they have no say in how their tax dollars are spent. The thing that brings this to the four right now is what happened on January 6th. Because on January 6th when the Capitol was attacked, there was no authority local authority to call out the National Guard. Had that happened, say at the Civic Center in San Francisco. The governor of the state of California would have been able to call out the guard. The governor has that authority. There is no governor of the District of Columbia. There's a mayor, but the mayor doesn't have the same authority as the governor does. So the local people were not able to call out the guard to assist and instead it was a mess. You know, there are people who are testifying on Congress right now, but what a mess it Woz. There had been orders that had come down a couple of days before that before they call out the guard. They need to get authority from the top, So they had to go through the Pentagon. They had to go through the Defense Department higher ups in the Defense Department to get the authority to send the guard to help with the protection. Even though they had been told earlier. You know, we may need your assistance Can you be on standby? Well, there wasn't an official request made then by the capital police that would have alerted them to put them on standby because in order to put them on standby, they would have needed the official request in writing that would have been gone to the Pentagon. And then the Pentagon would have sent it back and would have said Okay, But since they didn't send the official request in writing, they couldn't do it verbally. And so it was just a mess. It was just an absolute best. That's the reason this is being considered today. But when you think about the District of Columbia when you think about the number of people in D C They have a population of what is it 700 some odd 1000 people, um, bigger population, by the way, then, uh, in Wyoming or Vermont. They have a larger population than Wyoming or Vermont. So you can't use the size of their population against them to say that there's no reason they should have statehood. They should have statehood. Now. The historical reason the D C. Doesn't have statehood is because they wanted the center of government not to be able to be claimed by any particular state to have a more independent status. So that's an argument that some people use the real argument today that's made largely by Republicans. Is that the people who live within the district are mostly Democrats, and that if D C became a state that would give Democrats more representation in Congress, not substantially but more representation in Congress. But what would be really key is the district would be entitled to have two senators in the Senate and the size of the Senate would increase to 102 members. So it's for political reasons because they believe that it would give Democrats an advantage that they shouldn't have. So there are 700,000 people Americans. Who are taxed without representation. And who really don't have any representation within the Congress. Shouldn't that change? Shouldn't the district of Columbia be granted state Hood? So there they have the actual status of being a state 80 88 tennis, the telephone number 80808 10. Wouldn't Puerto Rico be in the same situation, mostly Democratic voters. Same same idea for probably, Um, Yeah, probably they would you know, with Puerto Rico. It's weird, and I haven't really followed it the last several years. But for a long time, Puerto Rican wanted to hold on to the status that they currently have. They want to be a territory of the United States. But they didn't want to be a state. They wanted to have the greater independence that they had being a territory. In recent year and so they would do these, Um, what do you call it? When they vote on it? They put this on the ballot and people vote as told Papi Yeah, it's a way. No, the word Yeah, but that but if if they they would vote against it, you know, Ah, large segment of the population didn't want statehood so they would continuously vote against it. They didn't take the vote every single year, but historically a lot of times they said, No, we don't really want to be part of the U. S. A. I think that changed. I think that changed recently and I would have to look that up. But let's not muddy the waters with Puerto Rico right now. Instead, let's do talk about the District of Columbia. Shouldn't the District of Columbia be granted statehood status and if not Why not? Is there a legitimate reason to say no. You know, part of the reason that our forefathers, uh declared independence and then fought a war in order to ensure our independence from the tyranny of the king was self governance, and part of that was no taxation without representation. They want. They wanted the people who were part of the country who were taxed. They wanted all the people in the country to be participants in our governance will not entirely because of course, there were people who weren't allowed to vote like women and you know, slaves and Indians. But they did, but But the grand theory here was that you know, the people are governed, Um, because the people have given them permission to govern them that they, You know, it's the it's the consent of the governed. That's the reason they Congar Vern US. Washington D. C really doesn't have that they elected mayor. But they really don't have any representation representation in Congress and in the Senate. Not like a state does not like a status, shouldn't they? They're paying taxes. They're paying federal taxes, no taxation without representation. What do you tea party or say 80 88 10 is the telephone number 8808 10 and as far as the issue about The center of government. Not being controlled by any particular state..

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