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And welcome back. This is Washington today for Thursday, January twenty four I'm Steve Scully. Thanks for being with us. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Trump is considering appointing the first female, president the World Bank. This follows the unexpected announcement earlier this month the president Jim Yong Kim will be stepping down the current. Interim president Kristalina gorgets was in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. She was asked about this story. What do you think of female leadership and gender equality when we mean step up we make better decisions and the world is a better place for all. So we mean stand up become Bahir those comments from the interim president of the World Bank. And joining us on the phone is Josh zoom Brune, he is following the story for the Wall Street Journal. I who's on the shortlist who is the president considering for this position. Well, thanks so much for having me. There's a couple of the White House is kind of confirmed that they're that. They're looking seriously at handful of candidates the list could still change. I'd I'd caution that you know, there's still a couple of weeks before the formerly personnel. And it's very likely that do names could emerge. Right now, the name that's kind of getting the most discussion is New Year's used to be the CEO of Pepsi Cola. She's still the chairman of the board there as really interesting, obviously experience running a big multinational corporation, she was born in India. So she's seen as someone who can kind of represent maybe the developing world a little bit. And she'd be the first woman to ever the job. So she didn't really intriguing candidate. Position. Clear at this point. But the US does make this election, correct? Well, here's what's interesting about it is the US has historically made the selection and the rest of the world has gone along with it. But that's not written down anywhere. There's no guarantee that it'll happen that way and the US only controls about sixteen percent about one sixth of the voting power at the World Bank. So theoretically, they could get outvoted. So there's a little bit of a diplomatic dance that has to happen here to convince the rest of the world to go along with the US candidate. And that's why it would be helpful. If the US went with with someone who's potentially a really strong candidate like in your new year. Why did Jim Yong Kim step down? Well, he he he'd been in the job for a little over six years, which is which is a pretty long time. It was it was one complete term, and then a few years and his second term, and he had the opportunity to go. You know, the reason they cited as he had the opportunity to go work for a fund that it does infrastructure investments. And so it was kind of an opportunity to do similar work to the World Bank. But in a private sector capacity, and he was you know, apparently ready t to make that jump. So he stepped down a few years earlier, they need you to we're talking with Josh zoom Bruni is following the story for the Wall Street Journal. Let me ask you about the World Bank as an organization, essentially, what does it do? Well, the World Bank is a really interesting institution. It's it's owned by almost all of the countries in the world has kind of shares that they've purchased in the World Bank and the World Bank kind of takes that capital that it got from all the countries around the world hundred and eighty nine countries and makes development loans. For the most part. So it provides financing for kind of poorer countries that went to build bridges reports or highways or you know, it works on environmental projects that works on it does it's been doing a lot in recent years on kind of helping deal with countries where they have huge inflows of refugees coming from war torn, you know, refugees from Syria coming across the border into other countries in the Middle East, kind of helping countries cope with that side of refugees. So it does a lot of really interesting work all around all around the world on development projects. It's a really interesting and and pretty pretty large institution without explanation. A reminder your work available at wsJcom. Thank you for being with us. Thanks so much for having me. A mixed day. On Wall.

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