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John Lawrence joins us now as California is once again at the mercy of. Mother nature first wildfires and floods and mudslides. John firefighters along with help from the highway patrol and a helicopter rescue a man clinging to a tree in the Los Angeles river Thursday weather, throwing another challenge at California residents. My concern is the runoff on the road and keeping the ditches open because that's what's going to wash up. Flash floods are gushing through areas. Recently, scorched by significant wildfires. I've been cleaning everything and it's still the smoke. Smell is everywhere. Authorities say after a wildfire. Heavy rains can cause rapid landslides in burned areas. That's why the issued mandatory evacuation orders in some spots. We understand the public is frustrated we understand people want to get back into those areas. Those who have homes we realized they want to go to their homes, those who do not have homes. We know that you want to get back in there and search for mementos and and things of value. Cal fire of Riverside County is blunt on its website tell. Telling people if you stay you are risking your life. Some residents took the advice and fled. Others have not correspondent John Laurence flash. Flood warnings and watches have now expired and the flash flood waters are receding in northern California. Los Angeles County ordered evacuations as John said in a small Malibu community within that wildfire burns on and dean devore will tell us where that storm is heading just a few minutes here on first light. It's now ten and a half past the hour coming up rallying.

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