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With the Atlanta he threw for three ninety nine and scored in the last couple of seconds. The one touchdown pass. He on Sunday against the Redskins cable seventeen seconds to go and the best play again was the pass interference. When somebody ran into Barkley. They got how many yards on that forty six and they got forty. Eighty three yards from Vernon picking up the fumble. There was forced by Landon Collins, and there are two big plays. What kind of football is this and nothing with the imagination. Not a flea flicker. Non an end around not something it's so predictable and boring. God, I, you know, I hate listen. I look forward to Sunday and keeping score at home. And I watch I don't like the idea. The vote teams are on at the same time. Even if you have two TV's right alongside each other. How can you focus? Well, maybe that's me. Maybe some others scared focus with no problem whatsoever. But the bottom line is and it's going to happen again with the both teams playing at one o'clock the but nonetheless and both teams look to be one. You couldn't tell one from the other to begin. With was like, you're seeing double he put on FOX. And there's one here put on channel two with the CBS, and there's the other and both would no offense and both with the defense's bending and breaking and it was like looking at one and the same the giants and the jets. The football in New York, the basketball hockey, what is it? You know, what it is? I'll tell you what it is. And I can only speak for myself. And then you'll speak for yourself. I would rather lose here than win someplace else where it doesn't matter as much one eight do I need to take a break awarded should I do Michael Pfleger mentoring. The program has the producers slash executive producer slash producers slash board operator choreographer and unit. Production manager all in one Michael. What did you think of the jets in Chicago? I think Sam Donald showed up and nobody else took the fight to help him where he had he was like rebus on an island by himself who was there. No running game fifty seven yards. Was it nothing from grow? Well, some of those rushing yards from darnold Crowell. Thirteen carries twenty five yards. He's get nothing on first down the receivers forget dropping passes. They couldn't even get open. Well, that was a step down from last week. We thought the game against the Vikings was bad. They made it worse. They couldn't get any separation. Could anybody take keep an eye on? What Trubisky was going to do? And what are you going to do is run? He's a better runner than passer. And the amazing thing is they told you before the game last week. They saw him do it against the patriots. They were gonna keep an eye on them. There was one play where they had the spy Copeland gets the sack, and then it's like the rest of the game. They just completely forgot about him after telling you it was going to be one of the things they focused on by the way over the weekend. I was in Romania visiting relatives had occurred due in game five. How did sandy Koufax do in game five against Clayton Kershaw is no sandy Koufax? We can finally put that to bed. Now. Can't we activate over? I think so. And of course, Boston fans and even the team a great team. Make no mistake, they deserve the congratulations. Playing New York New York in the in the locker room and with the propping of their champagne and then with the chanting with the Yankees and Boston Red Sox fans at Fenway park and games one and two and over the three games at Dodger Stadium there. Trending with the Yankees. What does that all about Michael chance or a little pathetic? But I know you like, and I like it to how for the rest of eternity all the Yankee fans when they hear New York New York after a victory. It's going to be there in the back of their mind. They're going to remember that the Red Sox played this song when they won a World Series title..

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