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Nine. That is part of the ard are do street. Art ratchet the opinion mine on cork's ninety six. Fm cardi insurance group. Call them now for mosier home business life on health insurance the the opinion. We've pj coogan fifty seven one five nine nine. Thanks on courts ninety-six fm. We doing an stuff in the last couple of days with guide to breast cancer awareness month and just briefly want to catch up with it again. juliet o'connell is outreach coordinator for breast cancer island. You guys have a roadshow. It'll be in kark this weekend. Good morning jeanette. Good morning pizza. Thank you for having the on. Yes we're have a roadshow. A manfred shopping center desire to sixteen october from eleven to five pm. Ivy there myself Showing people how property sent examined and also going to the aid signs and symptoms price. Concert offering them are free to download app breast aware so they can become to make it a routine every single monte to a check themselves spatially and self examining as well also powerful television ad about to be launched. Es there is very very powerful. Giving people i suppose people realize that this is not just an older person's disease it's younger and younger. This can happen to and it's You know it's so powerful to be honest. it really is. Okay the team of the diagnosis and also something else at the great paint. Grown it all coincides. Yes it does. Great pink runs taking place. They saturday that sixteen seventeen to buck tober and it still not too late to register at you can go on to. Www dot grade. Pink run by a fabulous adventure taking place across earned in everybody's community and countries as well trying to turn the globe pink. Yeah fantastic advance Taking place my apartment's out this weekend with my daughter and a few friends it's A fabulous event always one time on one of the timings for the roadshow. It's man point win man trying this saturday. The sixteenth of october from eleven. Am to five pm being the from from that time and scolds. Be a fantastic event to be honest meeting people and you know given him the all important information. Everybody needs to recognize these very important signs and symptoms as a breast cancer survivor myself. I'm very passionate about this presentation We offered these presentation complimentary. Israel are eater on line or in Presented in transition to transition year students in secondary schools in suffrage carpets and clubs around the countries will this four presenting undying covering the monster area with this education awareness. Talk and it's so in with the people need to recognize myself. Lack of education kept me is home for ten months and not knowing those very important signs and symptoms to be honest. Okay well no you do. And you're helping everybody else to learn them. Which is which is good work. That's that is a jew juliette. She's the outreach coordinator for breast cancer. The road show this weekend at man point and that added for to be launched on television marketing breast cancer awareness month and great pink run. It's it's kind of happen. Just the opinion mine on courts mentese six. fm cardi jaren scream and call in person or call them now. I just talked to talk. They walked along the big drug home. Weekdays from four on ninety just accept animates the rain at major. You're with me every evening on the drive home getting you up to date on all teams core bossing the biggest bit o'clock the cork game day. What are you putting in impartial. Peter kiss hard. The girl could talk via torture. Push joining me. From four big drug home with harvey norman. Elevating eighteen years in orlando with their eighteenth birthday sale bing birthday savings across their range of appliances technology furniture. Bedding the big drive home. Ninety-six one of the festival's that went by the wayside unfortunately in the course of covert was a particular favorite of mine. The mother jones festival the spirit of mother jones festival. The story of mother jones is wound. That i only discovered in the last few years mary harris was her name. She was a car kwoen. She went to america. She became a trade union activist. She became an activist to the ending of child labor. She at one point was known as the most feared woman in america and she was from cork and this festival is in her honor and in her memory every year. From going for for a while. Now and it's actually starting. Today is a web based event this year. john. Barrymore john john. Good morning to you. Like to start by saying for the tenth annual spirit of mother jones festival in we did keep it going last year but it was strictly as a virtual event and is difficult but we wanted to just basically give something for the community But as far as the event this year i'd say it was originally inspired by reading about the The the the ireland's gr- outpouring to this hopi navajo coded fund. They raise millions of dollars of people mistakes in arizona that were suffering from effective koga but being basically ignored by the government and So there was you know and the irish people really rose to the occasion and remembering what the choctaw people did here during this during famine times says no called in in middleton. Yeah oh yeah yeah. It's a lovely lovely monument there but it's really keeping that memory alive and So we actually had to choco students who are scholars. Uc who will be joining us tonight as well but But yeah we're we're we're keeping it going. And this is the launch event. The the proper festival be the twenty fifth to the twenty eighth of november at the modern and shannon and we're planning to have some face to face live component. Because you know it's the music it's the getting together you know it's just having a crack with people and do you know is a big part of the festival and talking about you know the you know what would happen so we're trying to do that you know. I know. we're watching it every day. And just seeing the way the pandemic numbers are going and try to remain flexible with. That's that's our hope to at least have a mix of the to have someone Court community tv and then some live. Let me bring in. John shannon smith now. Your main speaker for this launch event will be speaking on web connection from america. Her name is mona palava. Channon smith can tell us a bit more about her and about the nature of of her talk shannon. Good morning morning good morning. Thank you so much for for having us on today. So it's at ten me about mona polack and and her background and attending the festival. Sure yeah my pleasure. Mona mona pelada is She's a senior fellow for the center for earth ethics in new york city which is one of the places that we get to work together even though she's based in arizona and and she leads up our original caretakers program so so she is Sort of our guide post around Indigenous peoples rights on preserving indigenous peoples traditions. On she herself comes from she's hopi tayla and have soup. Why are the people of the blue green water who lived down in the bottom of the grand canyon. he's.

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