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Are the Piccolo 's the rob Piccolo z-. You know, what's funny is I was just exchanging. Voicemails with Kevin Franson there. He is. He's I believe he's in Colorado. I believe the Phillies are in Colorado. That's where he is. We've got a great guest list for you today. To offset me, Marcus. Thompson is gonna join us from LA at about three fifteen makes you stay tuned for that. Obviously. We'll talk about eighty-five points. Give it up sang in half and seventy two thirty seven and Kevin Durant. Eight shots and nine turnovers, and blah, blah, blah, all that stuff. We're gonna dot conversation. Also three thirty in studio. Eric Byrnes is gonna join us burns as always awesome. I would tell you what we're going to talk about. But burns knows this. If he's listening. We could go on tangent. I used to do an hour long baseball show with with Virgil weekly. And we'd say here's what we're gonna talk about how this team and that team and this and that and then we'd go on tangent. We didn't talk about any of that stuff. So I'm not sure I do know that we're gonna be talking about his speed golf challenge for the let them play foundation. Which is he's trying to set the record which is over four hundred holes of golf. I believe I think it's four one four three something that neighborhood watch the videos and he's been warming up in Half Moon bay. And watching burns e so there's no doubt my mind that he's going to break that record. But anyway, he's doing that for the let them play foundation remember year ago? He did the the run swim bike across the country. I don't know when that that documentaries coming out. But anyway, I did see clips from its sole talk about that. We'll get into some baseball, obviously with the potential of oracle park being expanded in what happened with Tim Anderson. The White Sox and the. Royals and all those kind of by the way that wasn't even that wasn't a bat flip that was a bat. Javelin? It was about throw that wasn't a like baffled wouldn't a bath live anyway. We'll get into that. With burns eat about three thirty. And then I wanted to make sure I promoted this Jimmy outfield's gonna join us as he does every week four to five tomorrow. We have short shows really Jeremy in here early from the Scud ranch. But what we're gonna do is since we have them for an hour. And we'll talk about kangaroos and goats, and we'll even get some baseball in there. And then he's kind of like burns. I'm not sure where everything's gonna go. I know he's he's posted a bunch of stuff where he's in a boxing gym. And I just wanna know if he's planning on boxing, the kangaroo or something like that. So we'll get into that conversation. But if you have a question for Jeremy, and that's the great thing about Jeremy is we can talk about anything. It could be baseball related. Kangaroo related. It could be Scud ranch related could be pretty much anything related because we talk about everything with them. On Twitter at candy are and use hashtag Scuds suds S C U D S Scuds suds because that's the name of the show Scuds and suds for an hour. Usually every Friday we're going to do it from four to five today. So you can start bringing the questions now again at Camby are use hashtag Scuds suds in the last segment of the show today between four and five will get say five questions together, and we'll get them to Jeremy. So at can our use hashtag Scuds and asked germy anything anything at all. So we'll do that in the last segment of his show between four and five. So maybe four forty four forty five. And then you may have missed some interviews that we did over on ten fifty and we are contractually obligated to play them over here. But the thing is is that they're really good. So we wanted to play them. Anyway. So far Hans Zaidi's gonna join us at five o'clock a lot of conversation about the. Discussion of changing the dimensions. Specifically triples alley at oracle parks. We will we did discuss that at length. And I think you'll find that fascinating at five Steve Kerr at five thirty a lot of the discussion obviously was gained two and Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley and giving up eighty five in the second half. And there's a great I think Luke Walton cut in there about how difficult or easy. It is to coach the worst. I played that for Stephen he responded. Plus, he did not know the story of Doc Rivers dropping the two thousand dollars on the sidewalk and San Francisco and have it return having it returned to him. And so we discussed that. And I asked him how much he had in his pocket at that particular time because look Doc Rivers has quite a bit of money. I'd imagine that Steve Kerr has quite a bit of money. I'm I'm of the belief that matter how much money you have Floyd Mayweather because I think Floyd Mayweather goes all cash, but most people don't carry cash. It's a debit card credit card society affect it's kinda discouraged even have cash flying. They don't want your cash, they won't take your cash if you wanna get boozed up like I do on a flight, then you have to use a credit card. This is what they do. So it is a debit card credit card society. So I was just curious. So we got into that conversation. Five thirty for Steve Kerr, Brent Musburger, six fifteen to talk numbers and six thirty. So we got a bunch of good stuff. So again, Marcus coming up three fifteen burns e in studio at three thirty four to five Scuds and suds with Jeremy five o'clock far Han five thirty Kerr, six fifteen Brent Musburger. So a full show. A lot of good stuff. Obviously. We'll get into the warriors today after we get with the with the guests, obviously, we'll do it with Marcus at three fifteen. But if you things that I wrote down in regards to discussions about the warriors today, I wanna get into that. I wanna play that cut before five thirty Luke on the job that Steve does with the words, which I think is really. Interesting, obviously, the story of the bat javelin, the Tim Anderson three yesterday for the White Sox we've discussed this over and over and over and over I think the new angle on it. To not just make it a story to kill time. And there's actually a new discussion point on this whole thing, which is. They made that spot let them play and let the kids play. It'll be interested to ask burns this to three thirty is is that what that is. Just let the kids play javelin throw the bat, whatever you want or as you heard. I was watching the MLB network this morning and marked Orosa was saying that there's a certain respect level of the game did not show up your opponent. I think burns he'll probably along those lines two. So it's kind of in between between let the kids play. In other words, you're entertaining. The fans, I don't think you're entertaining. The fans when you javelin the bat to your dugout in Kansas City, Chicago White Sox game in which there's hardly anyone in the stands on Wednesday afternoon. I understand pure emotion. So you hit a home run in the playoffs. You hit a home run in the World Series. Or at a critical time even in a regular season game ninth inning walk off tie the game in the ninth. Even it's like, I get it. And we are there is this whole let the kids play thing in baseball. There is more and more acceptance in showing personality in showing zoo Brinson all those kind of things, and I think that's great. I look I may just across the board. Just kind of expand this out a little bit. I'm a big proponent of having fun. You make you have a great dunk. How fun show motion us score a touchdown. I want you to do a dance. You have a big sack. I want you to play it up. You hit a a law? Look, I have no problem with you at Meiring a bomb into the night. No problem at the plate. But I think there are lines to everything. So anyway burns you'll know better than I will. But we get into that discussion as well. Employs. I was looking at some of the tweets it was just it was interesting to see some of the players some of the pitchers actually defending backflip some of the hitters saying that they're they're Bush league act like you've done it before. So I'll read some of those as well, I think those are interesting so beyond the warriors. You got that story going on? You don't have to do to at some point. We have to play the Kevin Durant. Sound the I'm Kevin Durant? Which by the way, had no problem with that certain people if they say, basically, don't, you know, who I am which Durant did yesterday, you go shut up with Durant? He's earned it. And not only was that poor cool. There was a couple of minutes where he. Ciphered the defense of what the clippers were doing against him. And that was really good too. So we'll play that. I think we played a lot of the audio yesterday could do that as well. And bunch of other stuff we can do as well. By the way, lots of good six thirty special type things today that will try to slide in, but we have so many guests. We're not sure how much of that we can get in. So that's what we got going on Marcus is gonna join us coming up next. He's in LA clippers warriors game number three. And we'll start talking about it next on the here. On these words. In the meantime, here is your latest..

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