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Tonight, Sam Macho, 9 30 Nick gives mom be coming up at 8 30 covers hockey covers Tennessee's in one of the bubbles. Tennis bubble. You think they have a snitch bubble for the world Tennis should probably look up the exact name of this tennis. The world World Team Tennis. The Chicago smash, led by Sloane Stephens. And company. You and Nick, you're going to get along. We are. I'm a huge big Knicks fan before we get Teo Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves, who Started off the baseball summer camp. Not with the Braves because he tested positive for the Corona virus and his story. Is he details it here. Ah, it's Pretty terrible, pretty terrifying. Listening to what he went through. Play that in a second, But KP ever been to Jamaica Never been in Jamaica. OK, now I we had our honeymoon in Montego Bay. At the old Ah, Half moon resort, which is a phenomenal experience of how they recommend. All inclusive. Not all inclusive. Wow. No, there was Spent some serious Delph toe deep there, but it was wonderful. So there is a Jamaican lottery winner. The name is W. Brown. All right. He's been ah! I've been playing the lottery for years, always the same numbers every single time. Kept his Now he actually wins the lottery. 95 million. W. Brown has got a lot of friends and he doesn't want people to know who he is His first of all get the bell. You here don't even know it not given the first name Smart. So how does he go in to collect his donor? Maybe trust his friends, But he doesn't trust his acquaintances. Whatever it is He decides to dress up as Darth Vader. And show up. And and collect his and and claim his ticket. How do they know it's him? Well, because he's W brown. He had to come in there and they had identify a name, but he didn't want them to see what he looked like. He didn't. He's an unlikely just walk in and Darth Vader suit and say, I'm so and so. I mean, I suppose that's very you're poking a hole in what happened here. I mean, this is this is a story that's ever, Brown said he hit is a real identity because he kept mostly to himself and headed told anyone about his jackpot win. This is, according to the Jamaica Gleaner. Brown wanted to make the right decision first before spending any lottery winnings, quote. Around in the dark Vader outfit. I want to decide what is the best thing to do before spending anything. I needed to see what my goals are. But I do know that I want to buy a bus a bus. He wants to buy a bus. Like a like a school bus a coach because I did. I don't know Brown recently about the winning ticket at the end Sports Bar in May PEN Jamaica the winning numbers nearly the same ones Brown's been choosing for the past 20 years. His Pixar based on rakes and their meanings in Jamaican culture. A rake is a Prem emission dreamer omen that foreshadows what will happen to do having dreams and he's walking in laying it down. At the D N Sports bar in May. Pen Jamaica QUOTE Life has always been very rough. I come from a poor family. This is beautiful. Sometimes I couldn't attend school because my parents didn't have it. But I told myself that God will help me one day so I could help my family. And so he's terrified that he's always got this $95 million. Someone's going to knock him off so easy. Easy's. He's going Darth Vader, and they could move. I've thought about that before, because what if you want 100 million bucks? You what part of you thought about the part about winning it and then people knowing you want it? And I would hate that. That they knew you're rich? Yeah. Hey, P. Come on, take me to dinner. You had 95 million. Let's let's let's let's lock in. Ah, let's lock in a Gibson's. You can afford it one time. Me and you, Carm. Yeah, but I like you, right. So you worried about Weird. I was on social media. You'd be worried about like your potential future wife to come at you only because because she knows you got the dough. Is that what we're dealing with here? Have you really thought about this? I don't know the pandemic, man. I'm thinking about everything. But I was the lottery. But all of a sudden people would appreciate me the way they once did. So, yes. Wow. Yes, out of a deep thought there. KP. I mean, Because anybody else thought about this 3 to 981 7200 Okay? What's the weirdest that you've ever thought about? If I've won the lottery? I just don't know if my life would be the same place. I've thought of my friends would not. I just give my friends but like I don't know. Because I feel like okay, Let me ask you this company. Go ahead. If you want a lot of would you could you retire? No. I love my job. I love you. And what did you feel strange knowing that your coworkers know that you got 50 million the bank come. Do you have to come in here and try to write? Can you give up a shift, But your job is some college kid. Just graduate. He's got 50 grand in debt. I don't think I'd feel guilty about that. I just feel guilty. But don't you think people would view you differently or speak to you differently are judged. You are already don't like me. They already judged me. Fancy. Lacombe was like the king of you're not the king of fans sided. I may be in my own mind, maybe. I've thought about winning the Lotto and the way it would affect my life. Okay, I'll just put it that way. You know this business, everybody, we're all we all want the same thing. It's Ah, It's a disease. This thing that which we're trying to do. Everybody wants to be a talk show host. Everybody's jealous of the guy who's got the job that you want. Just part of the deal. You get jealous still. Oh, my God. He kidding? Really. I'd wake up in the morning, Ali. First thing that hits me is a way of a jealousy somebody out there doing something that I want to be doing that I'm not doing it. But don't be jealous. Just make it right. So it drives you Sure, Sure, that does happen. But like Of course I'm jealous. Amy, give me some of your jealous of how much you want me to name. It could be a handful. Let's see right now. My top five jealousy, People. 312981 72 100 Top five sports jealousy people in town. I don't know. I guess I would probably start naming play by play people. Really? Adam and me and Jason Benetti. Ah, Len Pat in the I didn't know you were going to go that route I thought going to say the cat man or something. Well, then, then we can go over there to that. But I think I think if I was going to straight dream job, what would it be? I mean, play by play man for one of the teams in town that you would be incredible by the way that I also take a play by play man for You know, Give me the Portland Trail Blazers in college today. That'd be sweet to that ship. It's a plague I Oh, come on. You haven't heard my tapes at ST Edward's University D to down in from..

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