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Has advanced andrew luck looks like a kid that can be found at any junior high school in america explaining this very moment the difference between a terrarium and on aquarium to an uninterested group of his peers he's got him in a thought zinc middle tennessee middle tennessee middle tennessee up cain looks like the bank teller who is unable to hide his excitement as he tells you that you were charged a thirty dollars overdraft fee for not only each transaction but also each failed attempt at a transaction and this larry guy enough of doing it in the regular season even know tonight's regular season game louisville advances in the nfl nfc prostitutes for everyone brad stevens looks like the guy who wears a jersey over his buttondown shirt and nba game and this new bench the raptors have i mean what's that band's name of sevenfold breaks down golf next donlevatar matt damon used to be a part of my life and i came on here and i told the story that happened at matt damon's house and i haven't heard from damon sent and i don't blame him to god's matt damon values privacy and so if i'm telling the story of watching game football game matt damon's house and bruce willis is calling yelling because the patriots are scoring and ruining his bet i've betrayed a confident i said opening that took to retell the entire matt damon bruce willis to became a bruce willis am ed damon story can't even imagine how much will it set on that game these these live at our show with this two guys on espn radio m shadows from events sevenfold our golf expert could join us just a second here on the shell pennzoil performance on i'm not kidding he's probably one of the five best looking men i've ever seen in my entire life you've been gawking.

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