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Sees some kind of geneticists so it does feel like he's doing who is the bad guy to belen. Yeah his name is safran. He's played by robbie malik and He's up to something in terms of extending his life for. It's not been clear. But like a bio terror plot seems within within the realm of james bond. I tell the young people you know. I grew up with the space program and so i got into physics and rockets airplanes or something like that more about me but if you're coming along today the thing that's going to change its genetics. Men crisper clustered repeating interspace short parents. Roman yes chris. S and we all three said that. This is a very reasonable plot. That were you know. Everybody's been afraid of armies of jack-booted stormtroopers who are so Mentally deficient they. Can't think to question the bosses master-plan. Yeah and then The reason we are able to feed seven point. Eight billion people in the world is because of genetic modification of crops and the there was all james bond film about water rights and the importance of water to the future and so i can easily imagine some mastermind ruining one populations crops so that he could manipulate them and get what he wanted in another part of the world and that happened in on her majesty's secret service even though the the convention of it was kind of ridiculous where he had hypnotized these twelve women to go back to their home countries and release Foot mouth disease into all the crops of the different countries. Yes it's it's an it's an early bio-terror yeah so yeah. As as a macguffin using genetic engineering or bioterror seems perfectly bonding and the producers are big on taking what the blooming threat is and turning that into something so especially in the craig areas. Casino royale is terrorism quantum of solace water and climate change. Sky fall is that was a revenge story. But then specter's surveillance and then i think this next one is genetic something to do with genetics. Scientists will be right back if you like science rules. I wanna tell you about a new climate change. Podcast called a matter of degrees. We talk about this on science rules. All the time narratives about climate change often blame all of us and cast solutions as impossible a matter of degrees feature stories about the roots of the crisis solutions. That exist today and what it means for you. This show is for the people who know. Climate change is a problem but are still trying to figure out how we tackle it. We have the tools to address the crisis who listeners. Call it honest yet..

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