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Mike inbounding. Excuse me the head of the morning w CSX HAMMER. I guess the Big Wchs X. Concerts probably going to be cancelled. The summer I suppose sound like we're getting closer and closer which I don't like I was looking forward to seeing all these bands. You know we're GONNA get Roddy Rich. We probably get the weekend and Harry styles a post Malone again. Now you know a couple of years ago WE BIEBER. You know what you do just have. Let's have a concert out in the street. Let's all file into the streets and go crazy place a music and all that I mean I you know. I don't. I don't know what the kids the kids like that. And they'll allow the kids but nephew who loves this What are you talking about? You got your finger right on the pulse. That's why you're the host of the highest music station in the old music. Well the kids to my nephew mentioned. We'll talk about the Milwaukee. Mikey Beka talked about this. I guess he's younger. This barstool sports. Are you familiar with them? And not a big Fan. They get a little Raunchy for me. They joke about things that I just think you know. It shouldn't be joked about comfortable discussing them sort of in full. If we go back and forth my cab I guess so but I don't really love them. Okay all right I mean. What do you make a day? Portland runs it. And He seems like a great guy. Okay what you say but you only barstool though in general just the tone Bro. Anyone that can build a business. I'm a bit of a Bro. So you'd think I would fit but I as you've pointed out I'm pretty inconsistent in a lot of these did you used to go to the blackout parties. That they know I'm a big fan of that was not for me. Those are those are very Hetero oriented they truly feel. I wouldn't be surprised and institutionally barstool being homophobic. What can I tell you? What does that mean? They're humor's a little bit backward and just kind of disgusting have you seen the way they treat women links those stories. Nbc Rights and That oziel website. That's gone now that you really liked so much. It tells you everything I spend. Most of it tells you everything you need to know about. Dave Portnoy that he is regularly invited on Fox News to be guest of Tucker Carlson. Okay okay we don't walk. Wouldn't support anything that they do not sign a lot of those pictures a little gross but that's different rates but you should send these de story after story after story. I mean I guess. Deadspin has been doing solid journalism exposing the kind of things that Barsalou Cesspool of the Internet. You were pleased with your friend. Bill Simmons I guess he said all the great journalism is going on right now and get acetylene today. You can go back to your bunker. We know you quarantine Steve Watcher. Cnn MSNBC all day in Texas your thoughts see. That's the one thing that is giving me solace during this time when you can't go to concerts love going to concerts. I love going out to eat. Can't do any of that so instead of sitting home. I'm listening to the ringer. And they've got some great podcasts. I don't know I don't know if you've heard this one. They review movies. I think it's called dominance. Yeah I love her. She's good guys play that sound. She's good she's funny yes it took. It took a little time to grow on me but I have to tell you. Her Review of the movie bombshell was just so only the only issue at that. Those could you send me a bunch of links to their stuff. If either criticize them they disagree a little too much for my taste. No it gets a little everyone awhile too much but the thing is it's fun to have those kinds of disagreements over the subjective over. What is our little organized? We founded a little argument. Could be good once in a while. I guess but we all we all come together on the on the important stuff like all three of us. I only want to get into this conversation that we get out of here. We got we got. We got whose Whose film I know. The midday shows were selling for lunch right. It's GonNa be what we're going to go. I thought you were coming over well. You're concerned with the social distancing. I mean we kind of threw that out the window when our boss demanded that we continue coming into the office. And well I mean you got. I respect I respected. He respects a good sounding. Show so I come in every guy appreciates a good show no and TJ in the rents coming up right now here on the CJ and the richer into that. That's right. Oh I don't think the restaurant still in I think they're making it in during During the I feel like they. They think people need entertainment. We go agree on stuff. Like for instance. Like the only thing you're going to put on your pizzas Pepperoni. I don't know about that. What do you mean I like to get a little crazy with it? Hold on hold don't you don't you say it hold on? It's not draft time is it is it. It's time for the draft. He's setting me off skies. I'm I'm at this age. My career do. I mean you know if I I've done enough to. How much do you want? The middays won't guys won't might go. You know these guys will take it from there and then by the way just get ready because again. I my my readers and my perfect today. The text line the Super Save texts. They might blow up front right now. Just get ready as always. I have the first pick in the draft. Simply Steve's second. They'll go back to you. Mikey being already pepperoni. I mean. That's a solid number one choice. It seemed why. Do you always get the first pick in the draft Little unfair won't take a look at the bottom right. I sign it. That's why okay you sign the charge. Yes well how about the bonuses? I've been I have been all been working together for this year's my producer here since we got rid of Philly which is which is fine. You know not great. We know his issues. You came in you say. The ship left the studio mess. Well he did you that Tim does a lot of produces ten dollars disgusting disgusting only given to play a little bit later as well so I mean Pepperoni is the only picky can make all right. See I don't think I'M GONNA I'M GONNA keep safe in the meat zone. I'M GONNA GO Italian sausage. I like it in the meets. My I mean this is kind of your category by keeping if I may say my number one overall maybe I'm going a little too high here. Maybe it's a little crazy little spicy. Shall we say but I'm going to go buffalo chicken fat but the draft is for stuff you're gonNA you're gonna eat this pizza all the.

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