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At WG and traffic a hot spot to tell you about on the outbound Eden stop and go traffic between Montrose and Divine Avenue That's due to construction. And this breaking news just coming him are learning this morning. The chats have been fired at police in the area around 109 South Kilpatrick. Reportedly, no officers have been hit. One offender apparently has been hit. Back up on the way. WGN's Erica Wrong is on the way to cover That story will bring you more when we know it right here at W. G. N. The Illinois Department of Public Health says more than 500, Illinois residents, most of whom are older and had underlying health conditions have been hospitalized because of Covid 19 despite being fully vaccinated. Still, experts say the chances of getting a so called breakthrough infection remain very low now and all about 5.9 million Illinois residents are fully vaccinated. States As as of Wednesday, 141. People in Illinois died because a breakthrough infections that represents about 2% of all covid 19 deaths in Illinois since the start of this year. Investigation continues after Chicago police officer and two federal agents were shot Wednesday morning Yesterday, a 28 year old Eugene McLaurin was charged with one count of using a deadly weapon to assault a special agent. We say the officer and to a T F agents were working undercover. They were shot, apparently inside an unmarked vehicle called getting onto the north bound lanes of I 57 near 119th Street. All three have been treated and released from the hospital. CPD Superintendent David Brown. Says that work on the case was truly a joint effort to work on the ground. Putting the pieces together. Following up collaborating with our at our partners, along with our U. S Attorney's office was extraordinary good work that brought this offender to justice. According to the federal complaint, Mike Lauren told investigators that he started to follow the law enforcement officers and the unmarked vehicle. Because they thought they were members of a rival gang driving through the area. The U. S attorney's office in Chicago says more people may have been involved in the shooting the first Chicago and, uh, his body has been recovered in the rubble of that collapsed and imploded condo building at Surfside, Florida. 32 year old Juan Mora Jr. Who worked for Martin solved right here in Chicago and reportedly been staying with his parents when the building collapsed. More are graduated from Loyola University in 2011. Friend tells news Nation that more a plan to return to Chicago in early August. University of Chicago student Ellen now brief and his girlfriend are among the people still unaccounted for. They were in town for a funeral and staying on the eighth floor when the building collapsed. Crews have recovered 64 bodies so 4 76 people are still unaccounted for Third word alderwoman. Pat Dowell wants to fire a private security firm after last month's shooting at Wentworth Gardens. Third Ward Alderwoman Pat Dowell says that if that doesn't happen, she's going to be very upset. Let's get more on the story from WGN, Sarah Koran. The shooting happened in the early morning hours back on June 23rd. It was near 38 Wentworth. Some longtime residents have complained that the private security company contracted by the Chicago Housing Authority doesn't do enough doesn't get out of their cars to patrol the streets This morning. Older woman Pat Dowell will ask the CH two fire egg security. Right now. The older woman says the current contract runs through November, but she wants to terminated now. A press conference scheduled for 10 30 this morning at about 25 minutes. Aftershocks can be expected today and possibly for several more days to come. After yesterday as a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck along the California Nevada border. The quake occurred along the Antelope Valley falled. It was a strongest to hit there since 1994. Let's get a look at WGN Sports. Here's Dave and baseball heads into the All Star break after Sunday, But first the Cubs host the Cardinals for three at Wrigley Field. Starting this afternoon 10 and four Kyle Hendricks starts for the Cubs, who have lost 12 of 13 tonight. The White Sox starter series at Baltimore Dallas Chemical on the mound, the socks 7.5 up on Cleveland, while a lawyer Jimenez starts Ahmad, Early rehab in Winston Salem and the NBA Finals. Take a break until Sunday with the Sun's up to Oh, On Milwaukee Day. Venit, WGN SPORTS. Let's get a look at the forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center. We could see some spotty rain showers across Chicagoland here today we'll watch our temperatures going into the mid seventies. And again about 30.

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