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Mojave. Casey, are you FM Oxnard Keilar W loss. Also spay would part KCRW, a community service of Santa Monica College News, music, CULTURE and NPR for Southern California? Stream eclectic 24 any time at kcrw dot com slash 24 or from the KCRW app. What's that? This'll last disaster. What is the time? Juggy. Is my face. My blood, or does it mean Am I So a doctor or even a priest, but Baby Boo needs our release. Psychotic presses. Sweat dancer mind can see as long as you be. Real way does And you will never be. Maybe. Me. You will ever be. Maybe. You me? And you real with me. What's the matter? Insane. This last delusion. That's all it remains. Are you listening? You bus my gonna make in town. In your name never ever be. Baby. You forever be. You will be. Let me You ever seen ever Take this room defense of minor chord and broken Bits of gold and charging came in his stroller. Waingro. Just a short on Sanderson. My God. I don't know my side. He's gonna tell me why. Have you ever know both side roll it better lto your type. This time you paid the price and my Africa Just to show you on the assumption. My love forever. My son, please Can you tell me why Stories both women. I may say that the flow Mrs our feed off us gone. No. Stretch a job. Please heard about you for me Something about release.

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