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Better ones. Tell me how twenty nine thousand nine has gone so far for end, EP leader Jagmeet Singh. Let's say see minus. Okay. Not great. This isn't a great start for him. It's been a bit of a mess, but the end EP is traditionally known for great starts, and they're hovering more or less about where you'd expect them to be in the polls, historically speaking. So it only looks bad because they came so close to winning in two thousand fifteen and so the expectations were unusually high for them, which is making this look all all the worst. I mean, it's bad. But it looks worse because of sort of recent context, explain what looked so bad give us an overview because a lot of people I think have have seen headlines, but don't actually know what's going. On. So there are basic issues. Like, it seems to be the case that sometimes he doesn't know what his party positions. Are. There was a press conference last year where in the middle of it. He had to turn to another indie PMP Karolyn ask him to confirm a party position. And then he was doing a hit on. I think see TV and had to read or heard of a particularly current story about China. And then the Venezuela crisis hit, and it seemed to be the case that his foreign affairs critic, and as well as the he Ashton were driving the party policy and in he was out of step with that. So it sort of looks like he just doesn't have the office together, and he can't control the caucus, which which could be the key reflective of of an internal power dynamic or it could be as is often the case in politics case of disorganization and light to medium and competence. But this is. The crucial time. I mean, we have his by election for his seat and less than two weeks. Yes. And if he doesn't win we can get into that. And if he doesn't win the stakes maybe very high for him. I think he will will manage to pull it off in art because by-elections tend to go against the government. The the writing is easily in Indy p wind it was a close one in the last election the new cycle right now. The essence zeal avenue an affair in the resignation Jodie Wilson rebelled from Ken from cabinet is is not favorable for the liberal. So that's going to drag them down a little bit. Probably. So you'll probably win. But but the timing is quite bad for seeing to to be flopping around as much as he is a year in as well as managing stories about how a number of his Sasina any PMP's aren't going to running again, which is which isn't exactly a vote of confidence in his leadership. So the stakes are high, and they haven't really been able to put it. Gather yet. But luckily for him the liberals have scoring some one goals right now. So that might help right. And that's why we wanted to talk to you. Because I feel like since Andrew Scheer became the leader of the conservative party. It's been Trudeau versus sheer for the twenty nineteen election. Of course, the MVP flies under the radar as always. But this is the time when the liberal Seema's vulnerable is there ever going to be and seeing has a public profile right now, courtesy of this by-election what needs to happen right now to make the end EP relevant in October, essentially. I don't know if he has been caught in this challenging spot for for much of their history. And it's that Canada is typically sort of a center center right country. You know, to the extent that we move towards Kloss consciousness or social democracy from time to time. They'll the rules tend to hog up that space, the the treat the independent of a farm team and recruit their policies from there. And so the, you know, the liberals are so good at pivoting to the left then governing to the right that they block out the fairly often. And you you'll recall that when the MVP did so well in in the league twenty fifteen doing well was as much about Michalik Nazif and Steph on being poor leaders as it was about Jack Layton or Thomas Mulcair being good leaders..

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