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Of course people in Iceland, one Nice Person Is Andrew Miller who's on the line now with the today's newspapers. Good morning to you Andrew. Or I feel like I'm under pressure now good morning. Is I know it is quite hard for you particularly at this hour, listen. We've been hearing in a headlines that Australia's military, sending a thousand troops to Melbourne in an effort to help contain a corona virus outbreak there of fears of second wave. Now this is something that's been widely reported there particularly in the age. The age is where we're starting, and they are going with this story now it's going to sound quite peculiar to listeners in countries which have been harder hit by this, this is. The decision to call out at least a thousand Australian Defence Force soldiers to Melbourne, because something like twenty or so new cases have been reported in Victoria. Which is obviously in the great scheme of things not deal, but Australia had been congratulating itself on more or less, having knocked this thing on the head, and so the recent appearance in Victoria. In recent days is a bit of a concern. It's not actually clear exactly what these thousand troops are actually going to do. I suspect that there's an amount of reassurance theater going on here it's. The Australian Defence Forces are a very highly regarded and very highly trusted institution in Australia and there's A. kind of reflex among politicians to sort of deployed them. As a as exactly that as a means of reassuring the public in semi, related news. I noticed that panic. Buying has resumed of some products in Australia or in Victoria. Particular so woolworth's an other big shops are having to reintroduce item limits. PAPS! The army's there to stop people panic buying. Would be able to be quite the comedown. Wouldn't if you'd sort of earnestly signed on to defend your country and protect its constitution, and you find yourself separating people fighting over toilet paper and. It's not that it's not that unlikely. Let's turn to ABC and elsewhere who are reporting on the first indigenous speaker of an Australian parliament. This is. In the context of recent protests and demonstrations. Had the local iterations in Australia. This is this is kind of a heartening story. The death of George. Floyd Minneapolis may twenty fifth did have resonances in stroke you? There is a persistent issue of indigenous people dying in police custody. And there were a lot of protests associated with that this is. That context, it's a nice story chantey. Pay It. She's going to become the speaker of the parliament of the northern territory. He was he will be the first indigenous speaker of in parliament. He's previously being the first openly gay indigenous parliamentarian Australia. He's predescessor has stepped down amid a corruption scandal, and it turns out that the order of succession. Being what is, he's new deputy. Speak Garioch. Kit is also an indigenous politician, so the northern territories parliament. Has a now has an indigenous speaker and deputy indigenous speaker both essentially place holders, because there's an election on August, twenty second, but. Yeah. Well at any time, this would be a heart story, but right now. especially it seems especially when. Andrew I'm very sad to say that actually we do have time to look at the full story. I can hear the disappointment in your voice. It's not that hard at the moment to Crowbar Gratuitous football story into the paper per view. This isn't that gratuitous because to go back to where we come in one of the people in Victoria. Who has tested positive for corona virus? As luck would have, it is common, McKenna who plays football for Essendon now? The Australian Football League, which is the top floor, destroyed enrolls. Competition has recently restarted after some weeks of not playing and playing in mostly. Mostly empty stadiums, and it's playing short and games, and with lots of restrictions about where teams can play in where they can count go, but what we have now is the Connor McCann mystery. Because he tested positive and then tested negative, and now nobody's terribly sure what actually happened and whether he had the oldest or not, and and this was a big deal. Essendon game at the weekend was cancelled abruptly when when he's, he's positive. Test was returned. And now no one sure what has happened but Melbourne being Melbourne and Melbourne being melvina belt football, this has now become a major story, their podcasts and features and investigative reporting going into exactly where he is spent every minute of the last two weeks. It's it's verging on self parody, but I'm quite enjoying it. And there's a related story from Northern Ireland. Well, there is brilliantly. This has gone international because Khanna McKenna is among a cohort of Gaelic football players who have gone to Australia and taken up the Australian game. He's from. County Tyrone Northern Ireland. So to the doubtless bafflement of Irish raiders, the newspapers are reporting. This is world the Irish. Among, those who have gone quite big on it and now let me do the Catis plug. Okay, if you're interested in Australian. You can buy COM which is. A Interesting Enough Angie Miller which tells the story of the Victorian football. League and its success success, the Australian football league a that's what I say is it is your usual ten percent opposed. Thank you. That was Monaco's Angie Miller and seriously is a very good book, Cobb. He brings his usual dry wit and his wonderful style to this book, which is out now. You're listening to.

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