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Me when i'm talking to you. Need to listen to your advocate. He's protecting you from me. Because in his heart deep down at the bottom of his soul he knows. I'm the one eyed the man. Hey you look at me. When i'm talking to you or we could straighten this out. Imagine someone walking brought leser a you look at me while i'm talking to you and having the balls to pull that off like you're saying he was the one at that time who you believed my actually do this because he believed he might actually do this. I mean he believed he was gonna do it right. That's the thing with. Joe is conviction complete an utter conviction. He is so certain of everywhere that comes out of his mouth or eventually he got hurt. He did have an injury history coming in and those got the better of him during his time there. But they transitioned him to commentary and immediately became the commentator the best color commentator that they had available and they have they have some good ones. Beth phoenix very very good. Even even corey graves for a time was good at it but samoa joe just again. He believe everything he say. He comes from a place of authority so the things he tells you. He's educating you as you watch. He's just one of those guys who makes everything that he touches. Better including commentary equity including how house. Wendy doolan now. It feels like this version of samoa. Joe is being set up to be the guy who takes belt off of carrying cross. Now that's my gut reaction seeing that is he's not going to be able to touch carrying cross. It's gonna take a long time. And and the blow of the storyline will be william regal firing him so that he can and attack carrying cross wrestle him. That feels like i just it watching it. I was like oh. That's where this ends. I see the end of the story right now. Right here am. I am item my mind i want it now that you said it i i'd be fine with it. The this is the magical thing about the story line. It feels like we are at the beginning of a very cool. I don't play chess but like we're a very cool chess game where could go in. So many believe directions and all of them are good like he could be carrying cross and then vacate. The how great would it be if he took the title of cross and then was like. I don't even want this. I can't eating wrestle. But i just i had to take the offer you and then vacated and even that would be amazing and you just send carrying cross up up and away like a fucking jellicoe cat like not even to the main roster just put them in a balloon and setting him up to the sun but get him out my next he is. He doesn't belong there But i do. I genuinely think they could do so many fantastic things with them all of them involved taking the title off carry across well well before we wrap the segment up. We asked you the nation conversation. What you thought about show here. A few of your comments. Stephen ball said the joe laid the groundwork wrestling today with matches against guys like punk. Christopher daniels and others certainly helped usher in the is was one of the forefathers of the modern style of wrestling that we see today he was out there doing it than the x division kind of hard to argue with that and then david on twitter should a great story about a time where he was actually undergoing chemotherapy and had to miss a local show. That joe is going to be on but then thanks to one of his friends. Joe actually called him up to chat and signed an eight by ten photo for him. Now it's one thing to do the signed photo but to actually take the time to call and say hello. That tells you a lot that despite who who the side of samoa joe that we see as a performer that he is a kind decent human being and not only that but where was that local show where was that local show token place. It was in the message that local show was taking place in donka. It wasn't donnie. So we have actual final confirmation. That samoa joe is the hardest mound in doncaster. He's the cock of the walk. These the coca donnie. He's gonna take karen cross down. Yeah take that. Batman let us know what you thought about samoa joe on all our social media networks via the links in our show notes and when we come back we've got three things from the world wrestling that you should know about. That's up next on.

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