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Two B. Sales the marketing today is no different. We have Jocelyn Brown. She is the VP of Customer Success Al Acadia. She is from Canadia really really excited to have her join us today. talk a lot more about customer success in Customer Advocacy Jocelyn. Thanks again for joining US my pleasure man. If you listen to the show in the past you know that we are is guilty not as a lot of marketers and that we spend the majority of our time talking about acquisition we tend the majority of our time talking about getting customers on board and when you look at the budgets and the resources a lot of beating me marketing marketing groups I think that's reflected there as well. You've got all these people and budgets and marketing technology do acquisition and then when it comes to sort of keeping customers oftentimes it's it's a toll free number an and occasional newsletter and I don't know if you saw just this morning a friend of both of ours politics Shema who's the CEO of nudge. You put something up on Lincoln talking about customer success than in now that previously obviously it might have been more reactive. It was more important service now. It's really a a revenue driver for the business to drive advocacy basset of the brand expansion so maybe used to be kind of a maybe after thought. Maybe something that was thought of as more reactive administrative and tactical is now very much a strategic part of the business so would love to have you kind of talk about your perspective there and then what you guys are doing a without allocating as well yeah. Absolutely I think probably the advent of subscription economy really of SAS is what has is put just such a spotlight on retention on investment in your customers and stop business model really has given a seat at the table to those folks that actually work with the customers Dan Day out because we sort of have to earn their business every day. Either barrier to leave is very low and we need to make sure that they are are constantly feeling like they're getting value in feeling valued in that sort of business relationship. I've been doing it for ten. Plus years probably early longer than that if I were to really admit it and really for me being with the customers where it's at it is really the center of the company from results from revenue from mm-hmm from sort of anything I actually work with customers Po sale but I also owned a fairly large number in that I am responsible for all the renewal revenue and also so oliver expansion revenue which accounts for a very significant part of our growth so to say it's just kind of an afterthought or a piece is a gross misunderstanding of the economics of Saas Business so certainly allocated the the customer is the center really bevery thing and you know we built our product for that we organize denies our journey for that. Our customers really lead our marketing they are best kind of voice in the market. peer to peer references are kind of valuable due to our prospects so putting the time and effort and attention into our customers to make sure that they are receiving value means that they're going to talk about it. They're gonNA explain it in the market. They're going to continue to work with US and advocate for our business so I think those that haven't figured that out yet are behind. I wholeheartedly agree and let's let's talk about how that relates to what we talk a lot about here even on the acquisition side which is the buying journey and I think oftentimes we think of the buying journey too often his ending when someone one buys like that may be the middle may be the end of the sales process but it's really the middle of what I'd call the Revenue Bowtie you know the you may have gotten someone to buy but that's when things really begin as someone who's spent quite a bit of time and I want to get back and talk about the Likud as well. How do you as a customer success professional think about the buying journey? It's way beyond the on the deal right. Absolutely I think also just in the nature of how people by now because it's a lot easier to try things because it's a lot easier you're to sort of start small and grow from there you also are seeing that people are really trying and then expanding so that land and expand strategy that we were successful with that Alachua and is a very big piece of our strategy at allocated is let's get people in in experiencing our product experiencing our team solving their problem. Maybe the smaller scale and then help them kind of map out how to get got to a fully executed strategy fully executed and that there's there's really no downside to US bringing in customer at a sort of smaller scale L. because we know first of all that our technology is going to help them. We know that our team understand what's going on has done it many many times before and is going to provide provide them the right kind of guidance and we know we let them kind of set the terms of how they grow that it's going to be the right solution and the right fit. We're not going to kind of have to back back into it based on a sale cycle that maybe not everybody knew enough to run really well so for us. There's no fear of people coming in and sort of trying. Take a bit first because history tells us that a great place for us to start and grow and we've had great success there and then it makes the whole process a loophole less the friction in the process for the customer and a lot easier. They don't have to fix everything all at once. We don't have to do a big bang. Release can really kind of move them along and that's a little change in the buying in process. That's a little change in technology. Were Immigrations and things like that are easier but that's also just our philosophy. We want you to get a feel for technology to feel some relief of us being able to help solve that problem and then experience our team because our team really is so invested in making sure that you are successful that you're going to partner with us..

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