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My name is Mark Lachlan the Managing Director of the CCC and today. We are John by the renowned Simone Joe more as ammonia. I have met numerous times over numerous years. Numerous conferences on events. Some stuff they are talking about. We're going to look look at a few of those areas Today but before we do that. Why don't you tell us just a little bit about yourself on what you've been doing recently what l.? Let's say all the official stuff just looked at Bennington per fall. I mean really the basics in the easiest thing to do rather than run through the list listed where I've worked and all that kind of stuff and all the various skills and expertise bear So what I kind of like to tell people than is is that You know get to know someone on the human side. I guess I'm not really particularly clever nor especially gifted on just extremely curious curious about I will One of the things I really enjoy doing is probing the hearts and minds of what really makes business. I take an allows all all the conversations that lead to that whole evolution revolution to really jumps out people's thinking and behavior and actions Our work on four key business principles and I find that regardless of which organization or what. I'm actually doing over the years. It stood in really good stead. Did the first one is people connected. That's the principle that regardless of whether it's face to face using technology the way which we about connecting people and Not just the how but who also connect is also important and based on that Principle we can walk into the next one which is sharing knowledge which having knowledge shared is the only way we then are able to Work into the next principle of discovering possibilities. Bt's in all the different ways in how we analyze and discover and Report back and feed that back into the and then based based on that we can realize our potential so they might full K.. Things people connect acknowledge shed possibilities discovered and potential realized from task. I think as a changing world today is a key focus on those areas or should be athletes evolution or revolution one person's revolution that somebody else's evolution. There's also depends where you're coming from but I think m As you said yourself curiosity I think is is a key trait eight that we need something that I don't know if you can teach it so much people have it in built but certainly in today's ever changing landscape. Curiosity is one of these skills that we certainly need on the lot. More of to examine and pro. We probably look at a little bit of accuracy trout this session today. So I'm going going on until you've been traveling a lot as well this year. A lot of conferences every probably pull in some of those findings From from your session today what I want to talk to you about because there is an overlap in all of that skill set on the people side of digital We've spoke out about the people aspect I think technology speaks for itself South. It's good. It's their works. It can be difficult to make different technologies work together. But it's not overly complex at the end of the day I'm one of the things. We found that we did a our digital skill survey twenty nine. CCC Skill Survey found. That wasn't a surprise but we had to go ask the question. Russia that the sequence for digital success is guess while people I technology seconds.

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