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And i think this three part way of organizing things gets us question or comment and then we'll take Take the next step. I how do we know that The worst sea monster is not wail and is the reason i asked. Many people argue that the bible is not true. Because you can't find dinosaurs mentioned in the bible and we know that dinosaur is a is a fairly modern Worried how do we know that the greeks were not referring to a whale. Oh i certainly think it can account for whale. But especially in the hebrew bible the monsters of the deep are given a much broader profiled and just big big fish. Although the hebrew word used in the book of jonah is the word fish fish specifically but what that fish means and signifies in the story will come back to that what i was just drawing attention to is in the greek representation of the fish. Here it's not the word fish it's a word conceives to the huge things of the man. I still have my boys little boys right now and our sunday afternoon. Traditions to watch like ocean documentaries disowned to sea creatures. And so i have to remind myself. I have to think myself into a time period in human history where no one's ben down there with cameras and so like what you know of what's down. There is what you see. Surface the few people who traversed the seas right. What you know is what you see surface or what you see wash up and crazy stuff washes up you know from wales to squids and we're little creatures and then you think well there must be a bigger one of that out there so i want to honor the fact that the biblical author is represent the creatures of the deep from based on their experience of it. You know what. I could see as a gray whale back surfacing but if you've never seen one of those on the shore i you have no idea what the rest of that thing. That's kind the thing i think. The the vocabulary of sea creatures is not as all as specific as the way we conceive of it making absolutely thank. You hit me like a ton of bricks. One day when i was watching a documentary on my gray whales with my kids and i was like. Oh yeah if. I had never seen this thing under the water. Who knows what i would think it is anyway. We'll come back to that first. Forty eight there. Why is all in caps. Oh thank you. This is the new american standard translation. They do readers a favor. When there is a verbatim quotation or near verbatim quotation from the old testament. They put it in all capital letters. Just not translation just in the new american standard. Yep the thing is. They don't always get all of them. They don't always notice all of them. There's a whole bunch that ought to be in caps. That aren't and there you go. I appreciate the sign in the way that jesus playing on. What else going on with joanna. But it's always bothered me in verse. Forty says so the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth and then you read to the end of the gospel and it's three covers three days but it's only two nights as there's something we're supposed to get from that or we'll talk about that. The three days motif in testing or near death stories in the hebrew bible and the phrases used to refer to. This concept is actually pretty diverse. We can be three days. Three nights can be on the third day. It can be three days but not mentioned the nights. It's a motif used in patterned stories in the hebrew bible and jesus will sometimes say on the third day when he refers to his resurrection. Sometimes we'll say on the third day sometimes and then this time he says this which i think ought to give us a clue that it's about the concept underlying it as opposed to earth rotations on verse forty five. The bible says then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures. You're talking about luke. Chapter twenty four right sounds very mystical. Many people can think that oh by by the art of magic they suddenly understood or is talking about. He walked in through the scriptures and suddenly their their minds open. Yeah man welcome to a two thousand year old question about what did the the biblical authors no when i say biblical i mean the authors of the hebrew bible. What did they know. And how much were they aware of this summary right here that jesus gives there have been some movements that say they didn't know anything. It was all just stories and poetry or they knew some things but they didn't have any concept that the story of jesus how it actually went would be the way that it gets fulfilled so complete surprise and so that the meaning that followers of jesus now look back and sees exceeds the human intended meaning but accesses the divinely intended meaning but one people frame it up there would be another camp that kind of goes to another extreme to say no. It's really important. This whole package deal. The jesus rises is exactly what the old testament authors intended even with if it was fulfilled in ways that might have surprised them they had that basic picture and then there's using between so not just because i like to be in between extremes but because that's just where the evidence points me notice when jesus comes up here and meets the first to notice he called them idiots for not understanding the scriptures but then at the same time there's something that happened when post death and resurrection enables people to see things that in theory they could have seen but now that it has happened. It you can't unsee it now. And i think there's some combination of both there and i find myself a different seasons of my life kind of being in between those two extremes in different ways. I have a hard enough time seeing it even after the resurrection taking me a long time to work. But i also yeah. I'll at least try and make clear as we go through jonah these authors. They no way way more about how the story has to be resolved. And it's not just a matter of them. Like being like nostradamus like they look into a crystal ball. It's biblical authors studied these texts as they were producing them and they were students of their own history. They were looking for how god was speaking to them through their own history and as they studied history they saw patterns and the book of john is like distillation of the whole story in the one little book and the way that the the story has to be resolved you begin you read the gospels new lack for any other way for the story this is of course how it had to go but when the disciples or watching jesus got crucified. That's not what they're thinking they're thinking. Oh this is game over. Which is why jesus has to have this bible study so i'm still wrestling with that question. And since it's been two thousand years of people wrestling with my hunters that i'm not going to figure it out but if you do let me know. Really interested cynthia. So i have a question about this. Three part structure versus the structure that we now technically half our own bibles so you said that. This structure supposed to mimic jesus own reis fall resurrection. And so do you feel like the way that our bibles are structured. Now detracts from that from from our ability to see that. I don't think it detracts from it. I do think the way that jesus read his bible. We will more easily see what he sees.

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