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From the underground command post from the files of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again made contact without a leader the end today but we will hello my friend Sam mark within our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one by the way that the Dow Jones has rocketed back over twelve hundred points I think it's the biggest single day gain ever this is why you keep you cool you don't let the press stampede you you know Rick Adelman's one of the best financial guys hi I've heard certainly on radio I like Ramsey too but Edelman says all the time just stood still stop thinking about hearing this for the long run you dollar cost average and that's exactly right don't think about it don't worry about it they're gonna try and push on TV particularly cable but on radio in other places I caught what shall we do why would you sell when the market is going down you will lose money and why would you buy when the market up this is what the stocks dollar cost averaging is all about which is you just sit by a certain amount every couple of weeks or every month three your pension plan and leave it alone and you gonna do very well that's the whole country collapses and then there's really nothing you can do anyway so don't sweat it I'm telling you the truth I don't sweat it I don't I don't sweat it just let it go wow what's going on the juggernauts a booty cash and club which are getting together what Biden the trying take out Sanders Liz Warren nobody sure what she's up to of course Bloomberg wants to buy the presidency being the oligarch thirty years here's the thing it's not that club a shark and brutish as have this huge following it said they're now creating the narrative and positioning Biden is the centrist in the moderate to defeat the Marxist it is fascinating to watch some under this summer libertarian summer conservatism a popular summer nationalists some are just ridiculous upset about this the Cather teaming up against poor Bernie Sanders I'm thinking to myself this is the primary we need poor Bernie Sanders this the way it works that's number one number two the guys have been a Democrat ever he rejected the Democrat party just was too right wing for him so he's used the Democrat party for a while he's used the Democrat party as a fig leaf to advance I tried to advance very poorly his agenda Bernie Sanders's remarks as he's always been a Marxist back in January played a piece beautiful piece put together by reason a libertarian site in group and I'm gonna do that later tonight to teach you to forget these things Bernie Sanders this and if the Democrats want to take a Bernie Sanders why should I be pleased by that all because it'll be easier for trump to take out Sanders I don't know that look at Joe Biden Joe Biden I know he has the mental institution vote but Joe Biden's truly an idiot so trump say they're going to run against a Marxist or moron what are the other but Bernie Sanders threatens our fundamental nature as a country their institutions are principals and he makes no bones about and we have a moral imperative to take it on the taken on openly publicly based on our principles and our view points and defeat it because if we don't who will so that's very important now the reason the media back Biden is because they want to take out trump and they think binds the the best one to take out trump they have it all figured out like they always do you know final cut into is white vote Biden will cut into his blue coloring union about that is trump's plus I'll carry a significant percentage of the black vote and there you have it by and we'll win it now it's not there you have it but I know when not in the least mine's a poor candidate the only thing is everyone is a Senate in in Delaware which is really a one party state and he was on Obama's coattails he became vice president would have been anything other than because of that so I just point this out to you these are two relatively weak candidates but I fear Sanders the most because of who he is and what he believes and Charlie Kirk and I turning point USA had an outstanding discussion about this I hope you solace when life liberty and Levin for my new studio and the fox news channel in Washington I will play a little bit of that for you to that's not the only election that's taken place it's not the only election that's taken place they just had election in Israel and all Israel seven hours ahead and you have your listeners to this show you know we keep an eye on this I want to read you the headline the Jerusalem post Benjamin Netanyahu defeats Benny Gantz with larger black they turn out of seventy one percent up from the last election seventy one percent prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu succeeded in winning sixty seats you need sixty one and it's believed he will get that that one from another place the first block of right wing religious parties in Monday's election one less than he needed for a majority in the Knesset what in the exit polls on three TV networks now again they have to add up the votes so maybe he'll get the sixty one or maybe it's fifty nine I don't know and the last vote or the members of the military and the diplomats but the members of the military far outnumbered the diplomats of course you're much more liberal the first polls indicated that Netanyahu one thirty six the thirty seven seats that's a big deal because they they have a coalition of seats you know its allies and shots in these other groups has had strong showings to blue and white party at thirty three seats please allow with the left wing labour merits party the Arab joint list that's what they call in these Arab parties don't only believe in the existence of the state of Israel you have the so called moderate party the bloom right party headed by this guy Pete and dance good morning happy to get their support you have the votes of soldiers who tend to lean to the right they write not yet been counted and so the the vote of the Arabs tends to go down by comparison the number of Knesset seats when they bring the votes the military but if they don't get the sixty one seats and they have sixty research the need to get it from somewhere else and I think they will in this is a big day in Israel for liberty the rule of law and the people there because remember the they're still trying to take him out he still has a case in two weeks Mr producer with the Attorney General wants to put the prime minister in prison can you imagine they want to put the prime minister in prison I think they have a good fight on their hands and they should so there's a lot going on no I went to Israel what was it two weeks ago now and I interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu and you can see part of that hi mark living show Facebook mark living show Twitter and I could tell he was very positive about the election he was very strong you would know that he's under such brutal assault it's like talking to trump you would know is under such brutal assault so the Israelis looks like ninety nine percent certain please for a handful of years anyway right we'll be right back then I used to suffer from endless cycles of sinus infections and nasal congestion I was so desperate that when a friend told me to flush out my nose with salt water I just did it and boom I could breathe again relief at last plus I slept deeper and even stop snoring I was thrilled to have found something that actually works and is drug free but neti pots are hard to use and what a mess I figured there had to be a better way but there wasn't so I invented it and I.

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