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Of breath then we need to have someone that you've talked to beforehand also the E. R. needs to be worn shortcoming Kristy king WTOP news interneurons coverage on WTOP of the pandemic with CBS news chief White House correspondent major Garrett of CBS medical contributor thank you David how can in a recent briefing president trump mentioned supplies from the federal government and how rapidly they're being used in hospitals and other facilities in America when you look at these hospitals the amount that they order you almost say how could they possibly use so much whether it's masks or other protective gear but we are supplying a tremendous amount and we just ordered a lot from Walmart the amount of usage the amount of need is something that nobody's ever seen before we are getting so much but no matter how much we get they seem to use it up very quickly doctor I guess I guess for a lay person these quantities are surprising are the surprising to you as a medical professional we have to realize if you're a nurse you may be taking care of five or ten patients at a time to every time you go into individual patient's room you have to take off the mask in your down from the prior room put on a new masking gal go in because you don't wanna bring virus from one room to the next room and you may see each case and several times over the course of their stay and so the number of gallons the number of the face protectors they go up dramatically and unfortunately when you have something that's easy to spread this is what happens should the president at this stage of this crisis be that surprised you know it's hard to tell I mean sometimes there's there's kind of this you know I do your boy in him oh my gosh fifty thousand people died of the flu I didn't know that verses you know you should be aware of these things because what's going on now is a national crisis in every detail matters I hope it's being explained to him that you know these aren't just being thrown away and people are walking out the back door is alluded to in a previous conference unfortunately you have to treat each patient individually every time you go in you have to get on up and put a mask on that is a lot of gallons in next every time we've been testing people with opening on gallons of masks now we're getting better where patients can swab themselves and try to save some PPVs for other frontline healthcare providers but it's a major issue and it's scary PP personal protective equipment Dr a guess there was a conversation during the briefing about the president saying he is looking into potentially blocking rail and air travel from hot spot cities to other hot spot cities what's your opinion of that I think it's fantastic the northern elite at a clamp down the shut down everything what people did was they got in their cars you got on the train that went down to southern Italy and basically policy enabled spread of the virus I don't want that to happen here and I think that there are parts of the country that are clamped down in parts that are not in a very easy thing is to go to another place to bring the virus with you and we see church service is still happening people still gathering on beaches and other places that means that what most of the country is going through these draconian you know backed out so basically stop our work stop our schools to stop other things a couple of people can ruin that for the whole country and so shutting.

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