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I'm not sure that this is still the same if you look at the big goal. Ufa contract of recent years it's bennington think grew bauer being a vezina trophy nominee. I wouldn't be surprised if that was in the area of what he was looking at. So six million dollar eighty. But i'm not saying that is what he's asking but i'm sure it's not far if it's off it's not far. I don't think colorado's willing to go there. But then the question becomes who's gonna play net for you. You know colorado took a gamble on on group. Our in the first place did too. So maybe there's another goalie they're prepared to gamble on. I don't know the answer to that. But that's that's where i think it was. I don't know exactly where it is all right by the way before we do anything else. I have two things i'd like to say. Shoot so i got sent a tweet. From the danny all-star twitter account big heat daddy. Yeah yeah so. Apparently a couple of days before. I reported that. Chris dreamer was going to get three times three point five in seattle. The big heat. Daddy danny all-star twitter account said drinker was getting three times three point five dent. Apparently the person who is running this account feels that i have slighted them by not credited so this is the credit. So were your source the whole time. Essentially it's not the source didn't follow that account but often it gets re tweeted into my timeline or sent into my time line. I guess he took a lot of pictures of myself looking to shovel during the playoffs. So there's the credit the other thing. I just wanna say jeff is. I cannot wait until next year when on the second day of the draft people have flights to catch ginger working day too. I felt bad that i couldn't contribute more because nothing was really breaking up. Those guys tony. Jackie e. j. jeff gordon sam. Of course brian lawton. Vive read man. They grinded challenge. Man day to listen. I listened sammy Unbiased and he's got. I can't see enough good things about causing tino and the work that he does what he puts into it and how much he means to our groove. That guy is golden fantastic for them concerned. And i'm not the minority. Here's outstanding and well done to everybody for the draft coverage this year i thought it was outstanding dougie hamilton. Any chance. he's going back to the carolina hurricanes. I just think there was a gap. From what i understand. Carolina's target area at least at the beginning for hamilton was tori krueg which is seven years. Forty five and a half million. So it's you know about six and a half right a little over. I don't think that's going to do it. And i think the one team we're all kind of looking at here is new jersey. Chicago is out of the picture. Philly is out of the picture. I don't think that's what seattle wants to do. I think they had some interest. I think some other teams like montreal. Toronto of asked around seeing if there's something that creative they can do. But if dougie hamilton wants eight times eight or alex portray angelo which is seven times eight eight or whatever that is exactly the one place i really looked at that stands out to me is new jersey and i think new jersey wants to make a splash i do. I'm watching that. Luke hughes reaction. Yeah that's worth something that franchise you'll larry brooks had a call on today in the new york post about a video. They sent out extolling the virtues of new jersey. You don't do that when you're looking to do a quiet weekend when you when you update your profile on tinder or you go onto match dot com and say..

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