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And and so. It's just not you know. In my view you know you continue to see this advancement by government to force you know consumers to adopt that which which they believe it's paternalistic. I mean it's it's it's not allowing the market and the economy drive which should occur. It's government telling consumers what they can and cannot choose what they can and cannot consume and in the same is true and the energy sector with respect to the power grid. I mean we're we're getting country where you're gonna have utility company and and in monitoring as far as us determined that your your thermostat should be set at certain degree at certain times of the day. It's already happening in these areas of the country where there are challenges as far as providing consistent electricity. Because as you know john. I mean before this administration before they obama administration oil natural gas and coal represented over eighty percents of how we generate electricity on the power grid. And today that that is you know that's probably in the fifty to sixty range and so we continue to see you. Know reduction of resiliency and reliability Those baseload feels that have always been there to ensure that we have access to power we need it and we'll we're replacing it with intermittent power wind and solar that when the sun's not china the wind's not blowing. We can't store that that power and as such that the power grid is what vulnerable and it prevents us their live the the growing economy To peruse steel to you know to to manufacturer into heat and cool our homes and so this all these things have consequences and this administration is telling the american people again. We're about big government for about big bureaucracy. Whereabout big taxes. And we're about all those things. And i just don't believe john that if you're all those things that you can be that small business employer you know that that you know this whole tax code that's being produced a thousand or less no tax increases. Well how many small businesses. John do you know out there that are in new york city or across this country. That are working hard to make half a million dollars. And what's going to happen to those folks they're gonna get taxed at the same rate that Exxon getting taxed at you know so it makes no sense whatsoever now. In addition the high energy prices is hurting consumer I mean like we said before. Gasoline is not from two dollars to three three and a half dollars a gallon and it's leading to higher food prices higher inflation higher everything because everything is transportation and when you combined that john with spending. I mean at one point. Three trillion dollar infrastructure package proposed spending on the background back in as you know the.

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