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Little moments that make up our everyday some are good others not so much but that's life it's when something doesn't seem quite right that's it's time to pay attention because only you know what's not supposed to be in your everyday so protect your everyday if you see something suspicious say something to local authorities deny and newstalk twelve naughty a combined you know i e r dot quick observation and democrats and hypocrisy i could go on all day but on this the deficit thing you up david mind that barack obama while president presided over an economy that added nine and a half trillion dollars to the national debt not enough trillion dollars now i like to make this this analogy sometimes because i think it's fun if i owe you one million dollars i'm ruin at my sleeves if i if i owed you one million dollars and i went to pay you back i had a room full of one dollar bills a million of men i wanted to pay you back and i was counting them off one dollar to dollar threedollar i'm counting it off at one dollar a second i would peel off that one million dollars in eleven and a half days that's how many seconds a million seconds right levin and half days peel off that one million dollars levin have it if we wanted to pay off the national debt at the same rate the same rate of speed one dollar per second paying down the debt it would take us more than six hundred thirty thousand years not six hundred thirty thousand days not not 600 and thirty years six hundred thirty thousand years now jesus christ's himself roamed the planet earth two thousand eighteen years ago two thousand years ago so take that two thousand years and six hundred twenty eight thousand years to it and that's how long it or take a spit on our national debt at one dollar a second that's a lot of debt venezuela is not doing well largely because of debt and not not doing well as generous understood it's madness.

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