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Baseman Bill. Houston can only get the thirty first. That second Baseman, but with free agency comes along, and you know at the end of the season. You know maybe. Is a great second basemen East Sixth Best Second Baseman. I'll go after him, so it actually liberated the clubs to have greater freedom in the molding and shaping of clubs themselves because the reserve clause was. That's why you had so many. Decades of ineptitude on the product clubs before the break up. The Philadelphia Athletics from Nineteen Thirties to the nineteen sixties, the Philadelphia. Chicago cubs. Those teams warrant. They weren't stupid. People the Front Office. They just couldn't do anything because they will bound by the reserve. Close with something went wrong. They will left their own farm system to fix it. So more liberated the clubs almost as much as he liberated the plates. That's I. Think what readiness talking about, but yeah, he's definitely one of the three most important people, my book and the in you can't tell first of all, and at the baseball. Hall of fame is called the National Baseball Hall of fame and museum. In Museum. Can you imagine museum baseball without more of a militant? No, could you imagine a museum of Modern Art? Pablo Picasso when you wake up one morning and local constant when you museum. Let's Craig. It's not a real museum. So what marvins induction finally does the whole is it gives it often tissot which you didn't have before. It was not Benthic Museum. Missing somebody is poor. Assemble has more of A. Absolutely and you know you came in right at the back end of of his being there and worked with another very important man in baseball don, Fehr. or For many many years, what were some of the differences between the way? Marvin worked and the way Don worked because I've heard. I wasn't around for any of that but I've heard from baseball people. that it was different, but both very unique and powerful in their own right. They, both shared one thing in common. They really had difficulty lasting. HSA I don't know what it was, but I used to say needs. What's using the everybody dogs about the. but the difference in in one fundamental import respect, but each was.

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