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Serb on their faces and who are willing to put themselves out there and what i find is that uh you know there as passionate about this country is i am and so i approach it in that way i'm not you know i i'm deeply deeply concerned about some of the directions we're taking right now but i can't live in a state of permanent outrage i don't think it's constructive i think it's more constructive to try and find a path forward and yet but i get complaints from that i was on my buddy the john favelas podcast pod save an american somebody people send messages in questions to ask and one of them was why are you so damn reasonable sir you worked 'em you worked as the senior adviser to president obama for but what three years two years two years here's to miss working in the white house oh no i i was i always say the same thing and i mean this very sincerely it was the greatest professional experience of my life it was incredible for someone like me who grew up with all of this and and deeply deeply new with deep belief in it it was incredible experience i learned so much every day every minute of every day was stimulating every minute of every day was consequential but it also was exhausting and draining imagine so yeah i loved it i loved every minute of it but i would do it again david axelrod is a host had be acts files from the university of chicago institute politics and cnn to find out more about his xiao check out big listen dot org.

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