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Two Jefferson health sponsors traffic and. Transit, on the twos Jeff we have plenty of delays, on the Schuylkill expressway we started on the westbound side where we're seeing delays between university in south, street heavy coming off the vine street, expressway which is slow from broad street to the Schuylkill merge then we're seeing delays again boulevard. And Gladwin flow again coming off a four seventy six. Northbound the ramp they're very heavy and then, really jammed up when you get out in the into. King of Prussia we have a closure on the ramp the mall boulevard info that that non expressly Nares really can heading toward the turnpike that's low coming off the turnpike eastbound heavy around two to, Ben we're seeing delays are between Gladwin and. Belmont and then jammed. Again from city avenue down to. University we're seeing delays also. On the blue route southbound rumor one then jammed from Dade boulevard onto the ramp to ninety five southbound also seeing a lay now ninety five south around. The Betsy Ross bridge That's just, volume at this point, Lincoln is closed. For construction raged away avenue they'll Monday morning where, twenty two westbound jammed approaching trooper to Saint Gabes curve there's construction. There. As well let's get to New Jersey the bridges. Wise the what is jammed heading from New Jersey into Philadelphia we're seeing delays actually, both ways in the Ben Franklin bridge, due to construction southbound heavy around 295 than jammed fifty. Five lower landing road in the new traffic pattern. Expressway, not bad if you're having to the shore then, you get on the Garden State Parkway and southbound you're slow from the expressway down almost all the, way to Somers point on northbound delay, right around Seattle city then about a three mile backup nurse summers point jammed on forty-seven as..

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