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Dr Garrone great can be back. And also with us as Dr Sandra Nelson. An infectious disease physician at. Mass General Hospital and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School Dr Nelson Welcome back to you. Thanks so much. So, I just in reading those numbers again it's a lot. So let me just start by asking both of you six months into the state of emergency. How were you and how do you think we're doing doctor tyrone maybe you can start. How am I? It's tiring and you know we're all tired everyone's tired everyone has pandemic fatigue we in infectious disease and hospital beyond you and working. So so many hours and and we really are so sad about all the lives that we lost. But at the same time you here in Massachusetts, we do to remember that we're lucky and that there's there's certainly a lot of hope given our low numbers. May I ask you have you lost anyone close to you? Know one very close to me. I'm glad for you about that Dr Nelson how about you? How are you doing? you know I share some of those thoughts. It really is staggering. When you think about six months is is is an incredibly long time in in the life of this epidemic but it's a short time in our own lives and yet it feels like it's just been We've been living in this this covert world now for for such a long time. I you know, I, think one of the things that's so interesting is that that my day job is so much different than it used to be is still see patients still do many of the things that we used to do, but it's just got such a different feel to it. There is both I think a sense of purpose and a sense of of drive to to do all that we can to help the people who are affected by this and to help our communities as they struggle to cope. You. Know I I feel like. I regularly chrome across people who have different stories of when they realized. How heavy this was how long it was going to be with us how real it was I think for me it was covenant covering governor. Bakers Presser the day that he said masks we're going to be the new normal. When did each of you understand the depth and the breadth of what we were confronting? I mean I think that When I started to see that we were inevitably headed into a search You know maybe that was mid-march maybe that was around the time the kids were released from school that I it occurred to me that this really was the new normal..

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