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Is a bit of a heat seeker. I'm a bit of a history secret. <hes> i love reading about places and stuff and when i stumbled on this i had heard about it. You see it on on you old guy fieri shows and stuff like that and i i really enjoy going to the place the ambiance the atmosphere fear of it mitch and stayed up late last night watching these documentaries on p._b._s. was called washington in the seventies and it was called washington in the eighties. I watched washington ninety after mentioned. All of his movies seventy little was boring. It was just a made for tv tv wilma rudolph story but i i really enjoyed the ambiance of the atmosphere that pictures on the wall all that type of stuff you walk in you got the guy sitting at the jukebox was which to me added extra to the fact that he just sat there the whole time playing really good music and and green looks like he stepped out of the painting in the wall he he literally look. I agree with you one hundred percent. Have you guys ever seen the t._v. Show good times painting. That's like the ernie barnes painting. That is the beginning of the show. He definitely looks like he was in like he looked like an old tail like i was like this is great. I gotta talk to this dude. I read about the place you read about what happening. During the sixty eight rise read about <hes> you you one line in that documentary from d._c. In the eighties last night was you went down to thirteenth you. In one thousand nine hundred five. He was buying crack so to be on that block and see like the not to change because that is controversial but just to know what that block has gone through as far as ka surprise. We're going to a cracker wack so yeah. I i really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the food that i eight the chili cheese fries fucking on point my put some texas beat hot sauce on them for the whole ambience of it see they painted over bill cosby's face which we can talk about after they just painted over him with that painting that that person did in eh church jesus yet. Oh yeah i'm gonna take place five forks. Aw do you wanna go. You want me to go go all right. I'm oh okay so you're heat seeker. I'm history. I'm a history secret.

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