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Is soul what's sad about these these folks have made themselves irrelevant that's what's really unfortunate for them and whatever because they're claiming to represent they've distracted away from that because and they've basically become a target for other issues and that's their fault for doing that my thoughts anyway if you're online hold on this is still Vince Coakley radio program now look at traffic and weather presented by Bojangles eats vote time you spend with where's the reports right now the reckless a minor property damage university city Boulevard and Broderick Boulevard also disabled vehicle does remain in the twenty seven hundred block of freedom drive in it looks like an earlier injury accident finally clearing out of the way I actually rode at WCG road at today's weather is going to be plenty of sunshine with a few afternoon clouds behind your ninety one later on tonight partly cloudy skies this evening looking at a low around seventy hi Pam Warner WBTW this exciting venture show spot on two day also peaceful protesters find Caprica the.

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