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I want to say this and this is this is the gods on a truth i think severe should have won that game sylvia played beautifully they play beautiful football but i i tweeted this earlier the highlight of this game was seeing hejaz novice again doodles eyes man holy fall i get lost in them i do every time i his start here in lake um the titanic music are playing linked what are those light what are those greek gum statutes none of those greek their mythological creatures over the silas sirens that is what i imagine laws of izar your house scn they certainly hypnotize ing you and drawing un an edge what he does with his eyes and then like i feel like if you're like it tom air might see of like semipro etc that is eyeliner on their eyes are ever give me leukemia hammer here i'm argue oprah's opposable that's what i imagine he does but just with his natural eyes and they're so beautiful like imagine of two rude had his eyes as you rude would roll i appreciate you be the president of the world i think it would be it would create a new position like the u n president of good looks oh do we just as create a new position at un listened to us i think we just creative role peace joy road crave hurled peace a we transplant his eyes into ever have you ever be mad madder someone you just look into their eyes he blake they're so we will be ah it was quite a match to watch and see severe dominate most of the match but manchester united one after another just work their way out of it and lukaku sanchez switching it up and like it just it just didn't seem like there's a lot of heart in the manchester united side no and it was evident from the defenders to the attackers and like you said they're there just wasn't heart there wasn't fight in the manchester united squad and you know what i i mean as you know and as our fucking listeners probably know at this point i'm a huge proponent of youth development i'm a huge proponent of.

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