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To the farm bureau financial services Friday night finals, your source for high school football across the state of Oklahoma. Let's we joined Randy winner Joel Reagan and Eric g more of the farm bureau financial services Friday night finals, let's finish class five a real quick. And we'll get to Eric jeez. Top ten games of the week. Number three Collinsville in district. Four still undefeated six zero now three and our district play. They beat Taloqan tonight forty three to eight that was a big battle between number three Collinsville number four Taloqan, and it was all Collinsville on the road number nine sky took they be Tolson memorial tonight. Forty one to twelve sky took now five and one two and one in district play fourth quarter score this ball games should be final pretty soon. Tulsi central over prior forty one twenty eight thirty central would improve to one and two in district play and three and three overall. It is a final in Claire more tonight as zebras. Win over Tulsa Rogers forty-seven to nothing Claire more now two and one and district four playing and three and three over on that wraps up class five a Mr. gene nothing, but a g thing. So tell me some of the games we had some teams here that we were kind of curious to see how they would do. And when they face kind of their first test. So tell us how some of these teams did well Putnam city north flaunt. Yeah. That's the that's the that's the nice way to put it that hammered by union tonight. Fifty two two seven we had talked a lot about the Panthers over the first few weeks of the season. But the big question in our mind was once they started playing tough competition. How would they handle things? Right. So far, they're not handling it. Well, they're lucky they're not they're lucky. They don't play somebody like Edmond Santa Fe in their district. But still at the same time. They've got a tough district to go through. I don't know how well they'll make it through pretty much a playoff team at this point. But Putnam cities, nor is still got a long way to go before we start considering them any sort of threat in six say one also one of the teams who are wondering about was Yukon and Yukon over the last couple of weeks got smashed by Santa Fe, and then they got hammered by jeans tonight, forty eight to seventeen the final score their our own fearless leader here. Greg merrick. Yes, loves him. Some Yukon millers loves the fact that they run the option he is convinced that they're going to beat somebody that they're not supposed to beat this year with the offense that they run any made very well be right. It just wasn't going to happen tonight against the gene Trojans and other team that we were wondering about was the Bristow pirates. And I don't think you have to wonder about him anymore. They're good. They're Dr good. In fact, they wiped out Cleveland fifty five to twenty eight tonight. Some of the other top ten games were watching and not all of these will be top ten games by the time. We get to them here in our second hour, but tunnel beat Bethany thirty to seven sorry about that one. Joe? We're the jersey and everything would happen. Collinsville raking Taloqan tonight. Forty three dates the final score there. Ida bell does the number on Seminole twenty four to fourteen Kingston over Colgate. Forty two to twenty heritage hall up in Tyrone thirty five to thirteen. Ardmore over El Reno thirty one to seventeen and those are your top ten games right now. But I can tell you one that we did not mention and we're gonna and I will tell you what it is. But I already this is either going to be our number one or number two game of the night because this Muskogee Sepulchre game was really good at it was in the top ten forty eight forty nine Sepulchre wins that one, but our number one game of the state is out of class to way, and we will have to reports on at one from the winning side one from the losing side before the end of the night. But I believe the dad is probably our number one and number two game of the night because that Muskogee Muskogee Sepulchre, Gabe. Forty eight forty nine. I mean, come on. Offense. You can't go wrong with a game. Right. Add with overtime. Yes. And it's it's a quicker action. Make sure because you're reading a quick Perricelli beat Perkins Tryon thirty five twelve right? So you said, yes. Perkins trial just to make sure we're not tyrod. Yes. Tiro plays eight minutes. So Tryon tyrod close. So it happens. I sell kinds of things I I've I just realized this year that I've been saying teams named the long for about ten years. So and thankfully, no one's complained. All right. Randy raider, you've got some it's the show in the ditch by now. Yeah, it is. We're gonna try to pull it out though with class two and ball. There were a couple of just tremendous game slide into a Eric was kind of teasing one of them. But I I I don't remember you mentioned the other. But they were both tremendous games tonight in district one, and we'll begin with that one alva- and Perry tonight alva- rank fifth in the state in the okay preps poll seventh in a p. They were five zero going into the game at Perry tonight and Perry was three and two and Perry wins it a big upset twenty two nineteen and alva- a six yard touchdown pass with twenty two seconds to go. Get them to twenty two nineteen. They went for two to try and win the game. They ran the swinging gate play. Yeah. And then threw a pass that it was incomplete. So alva- loses tonight. Twenty two nineteen also a district one in class from last night Newkirk Oklahoma city's centennial thirty two to nothing. The other game in district one or one of the other games. Oklahoma Christian beats Chisholm fifty four sixteen and the other game in district. One's pretty good one. Also Hennessy beats Luther twenty eight twenty two that senators as I win on the season and Luther just has one win in district to tonight in to a Holden Ville beach, Henry. Eta thirty four to thirteen Holden Bill now three and three overall. That's their first win in the district there. One and two in Rieti drops to one and five and Owen three also in district to Jones beach Kelly Bill, fifty to twenty eight Kelly been four know going into that or foreign one going into that game Jones now five and a one after that when also in district to tonight meeker over Chandler, forty two to twelve meeker moves out to five and one and two and one in the district. Pray, you know, KEMA had a heck of a ballgame. Also in district to Prego Hema both four and one overall too and all in the district going into this game and pray Windsor twenty nine twenty two to get the five and one and three and in district three into a Morris speech Keefer twenty four to eight Morris now three and three and one and two in the district keeper now one in five and one and two caney valley clocked by Sperry. Sixty two to nothing. Sperry a top ten team in class two a moves to six zero and three zero with that win. Also in district three bags ranked third in. Okay, preps. Second in AP shuts out Dewey tonight, forty to nothing begs now five and one and three and and the other game in district three victory. Christian beats Haskell fifty one to twenty we'll continue.

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