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News. That's four zero five at the bay area's news station tastes CBS, we've got some hot weather around the bay area today, and that red flag warning for tomorrow. Many get the full forecast for you in just a few minutes with that red flag warning in effect PG has launched its first public safety, power shutdown affecting, some sixteen hundred homes and businesses in the north bay KCBS his gentlemen reports. It's the first of two thousand nineteen PG spokeswoman are Yvonne Renan says, after the utilities, crews evaluated the condition of vegetation, on the ground along with the forecast of strong winds. High temperatures and low humidities they decided to shut off power around lake Barry. Esa, it's affecting customers in Napa. Solano and you'll oh counties and PG any has worn thirty thousand customers in other counties, we do continue to monitor weather conditions in parts of the Sierra foothill we do have peak fire risk forecast to begin around nine pm tonight, Napa counties. Molly Rattigan tells KCBS we activated our emergency operation center this morning at five thirty. We are monitoring the situation actively with PGA because as Cal, fire captain, Robert foxworthy points out. It is not only PG unease duty to try and. Event wildfire in these conditions. He asks property owners, not getting out there, and mowing the grass when it's hot and windy. Be more careful when towing chains dragging gentlemen, KCBS KCBS news time now at four oh six Cal fire. Captain has died in a car accident this morning in Mercer county. California officials say captain Stacy Hamilton of shaver lake has been with department since two thousand six and previously served in the US forest service. He survived by his wife and two teenage sons. The governor's ordered flags at the state capital be flown at half staff in his honor. There were heartfelt remembrances in calls for continued police reform at the end veiling of a mural to honor the memory of Oscar grant took place at the fruitvale Bart station this afternoon. KCBS is Keith men, Coney reports. The shooting of Oscar grant a twenty two year old African American man by Bart police officer ten years ago, set off a national conversation on police use of force. As a mural in his honor was unveiled, family members and Oakland residents gathered to reflect on grant's life and the movement sparked by his death was low this one third. And it is wonderful that Oscar has grown, so many people from so many different walks of life, so many religions, so many voters that we've crossed with this young man's name, the shooting led to reform of the Bart police.

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