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This was something that the governor had mentioned in his state of the state address not too long ago about in terms of putting together what he called a I think he called it a strikeforce. Well, jussie smollet may not face any more charges in Cook County, but the city of Chicago seems to be going after him Ryan burrow joins us. Now. From Chicago with ABC news about all of the latest ryen, what do you now they've filed a lawsuit? They said they would if you didn't pay and he didn't pay. So that's what they're doing. They follow the lawsuit yesterday. The city of Chicago claiming that Jesse Sma lead stage this attack with those Dario brothers that he went and executed that or he planned the attack. He executed it. And then lied to authorities about it, and they lay out essentially all the things that police have laid out to us publicly about, you know, the evidence that they've got against jussie smollet in this case, they want a hundred and thirty thousand dollars back for all the overtime that was incurred about eighteen hundred hours of overtime among dozens of Chicago police officers for their investigation of this. They've got legal fees. They'd like paid for any kind of Gamage is that are associated with this and one thousand dollars for every lie told to police Chicago code, let's let's be honest. So this is not about the money. This is you know, they're not going to drag this out. For one hundred and fifty two hundred thousand dollars they're doing this. Because they want an apology. They watch some kind of accountability from Jesse smell latch for what happened here. The charges may have been dropped. But prosecutors Chicago police department all that he staged this attack. It did not happen. The way that he said did he is not the victim in this case. The city of Chicago is the victim. And they think that this is the best way to go about getting that apology early. Some kind of accountability. I understand that his lawyers before the lawsuit was actually filed. They said that filing a lawsuit against Jesse small in these circumstances would be unconstitutional you explain that. He yeah, they think that the city is coming down on him and ruining his reputation that they continue to pick on him that essentially they're picking on a bully. And they said that if the city was were to file a lawsuit which now they have they would go after the city and seek to depose the mayor seek to depose the superintendent. Two brothers who testified at the grand jury, and you know, that they were going to fight fire with fire essentially now since this lawsuit has been filed crickets from era and the small team. We don't know if they're still in planning stages or exactly what they're going to do moving forward. But we have not heard from them since this complaint was formerly filed yesterday in cook County Circuit Court, let's going on with the tension between the police department and the state attorney's office, specifically Kim FOX, this is the way that was left behind with all of this jussie smollet may not be here in Chicago right now. But he sure did leave quite a quite a political mess behind him in his wake because you know, obviously, Chicago police the mayor not happy that these charges were dropped not specifically going after Cook County state's attorney Kim FOX, but obviously disappointed that jussie smollet was able to walk out of Chicago with a smile. Now. The fraternal order of police little more frustrated and. And not afraid to tell Cook County state's attorney that they want her to resign. They think that all of the the good hard work that these officers did went for Notts that she is not treating this case seriously. And they're concerned about future cases that she may not treat seriously. Now, she today said that she has requested an independent investigation into the way that her office handled this case, remember, she recused herself at the office continued to pursue this case. And that she feels confident that she did everything right in this case. And she's hoping independent investigator will determine that exact same thing you mentioned that the they were suing potentially for thousand dollar fine. At least reach false statement to police. Is there a final number that they're looking for here? No, there's nothing. I mean, you can kind of do the math a little bit. So sixteen sixteen lies is what the initial charges were. So that's sixteen thousand plus one hundred thirty thousand we don't exactly know what legal fees are I'm sure it's not cheap. And. And then something called damages to. I don't know if they used equipment, or what what, you know, physical equipment. They used or damages that occurred. They said three times whatever the damages were. So I I don't know what that would be so yeah, nothing official. But the one hundred thirty thousand is the one number that kind of sticks out out of all of that. Ryan burrow. Thanks so much. Appreciate your time as always. Yep. Take care. Ryan burrow there in Chicago. The latest unjustly small at one of the things that they pointed out the city did in this lawsuit against him was in fact that one of the lie lies. He told was that he falsely described the man he claimed attacked him as white. They're still running on the assumption that he knew in fact, who these guys were and then lied to police about the fact that they were white when in fact that these were two guys with Nigerian heritage news out of the lake show. The Lakers, Luke Walton have mutually agreed to part ways. Thank Luke for is dedicated service over the last three years. Lebron wasn't playing for Luke Walton. I'm going to cheer a lot more for Luke Walton than I ever willful LeBron. He ends up. I think he ends up in Sacramento Kings. That's fine. Luke Walton they've been horrible seniors over to the Lakers because he has that experience with LeBron in Cleveland. But yes, but isn't that a horrible thing to put on your resume on the only person who can handle LeBron? Not that he's not one of if not arguably the greatest basketball player, but you have to be the guy who has to tame him and keep his ego in check. Just a little disgusting. Well, that's what happens when you have aging superstar on your team. You've got to have a guide to wrangle them and somebody who will listen to all right coming up. Next crew winery, by the way. Make sure you go to crew winery CR, you winery dot com. Use the code, Shannon for twenty percents off your order and one penny shipping. It would be free. But that would be cheating, and it would be illegal. Right. We got a thousand bucks we're going to give away and we're to tell you about all about I'll tell you what you said into second. I'll tell you all about the movies coming out this weekend coming up, Gary and Shannon. We'll continue. Amy king has an update on the news has tried to set himself on fire in front of the White House. Social media pictures show police carrying the guy away from the scene the secret services and letting anyone onto Pennsylvania Avenue there also.

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