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New design trend happening and what it is is everything is becoming more rounded and softer. So the exterior body work you're going to notice on the new SUVs And In fact, most cars that are coming out for next year and beyond, are all going to be softer on drowned her. Has that got something to do with us wanting to hook just like me one another, because we can't because of the virus, who said soft loose, who said who said softer and rounder was going to be the theme this yourself like the car gods, or they? There's a cab, all of Designers that said, softer and rounder is the theme. Well, It's really weird, because, you know, I got a press release from one manufacturer, and then I thought, Oh, this. This looks really nice. This looks cool. I think checked everybody else. They're all following one another. Everybody's following one of Robert you first reported on this round. Trend on Audi a year ago, didn't you? I did? Yeah, I You know it's possible. The thing about design is that you are influenced by stuff around you whether it's trainers watches clothes. Kitchen utensils, you know, 11 designer designed to particular shape. Another designer sees it, It sticks in his mind. It comes out in a different way. It's very, very possible that algae set this transfer Now everybody can thank you for setting. Everybody go wise to this trend, and all the other designers heard your report and now followed suit That said they're following her skin. Yeah. So well, can I just throw in another new trend? Very quickly. Sister 11 liner. Watch this one. Do you know that designers and engineers are producing and developing Antiviral and anti bacteria surfaces for the interior off you. Cars that will be their final is coming out their fun facts we learn on the audio labs show. Antiviral surfaces. That's why it's a lab. That's right. A lab Clorox every rental car get into well soon you won't have to do that. Well, we'll have to do a report next week on how motorists can protect themselves in getting into strange cause. But right now, Robert Standby we'll look forward to hearing you will advance driving tips in the next hour. But right now we have one of Ah favorite callers. Charlie Finch has a comment for the new Year, Charlie. Happy New Year My Porcelli Auto, Laver's and a captive thousands before I get to Robert Erskine start works..

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