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Of deputy district attorneys that crime initiative that we kicked off collecting signatures keeping california's safe act remember we went to whittier honor of officer keith boyer well the good news is it's going to make the ballot the bad news is we're gonna have to wait two and a half years some of the story behind this some of the counties didn't count the signatures and why is that legal lazy or is that sneaky how can but should it be legal i give something is submitted on time and all the signatures were submitted on time isn't the county required to count them in time for the balance i mean but we'll ask her questions today do you have a lot of questions life ventura county didn't count the signatures got gotta call the ventura county registrar vagrants wake up those slots there same thing in san diego county they didn't cats are signatures either how is that legal i don't know nothing's working here john and ken kfi debra mark has there's no doesn't have news news you're cuter than she is omar firefighters are brush fire that's burning in griffith park winds right now are light that fire has scorched anywhere from two to five acres apparently it started in the hills to the west of the observatory around two oh nine this afternoon no buildings threaten the griffith observatory has been evacuated and closed people inside the park have been urged to leave and they're saying if you lost a friend or a loved one that you would probably go to the greek theater area that's the staging ground for la city and county fires fires county firefighters that are battling this fire at least four helicopters from the city in la county fire departments have been making water drops they're making pretty quick work of this it looks like at this point news brought to you by solarmax the projected three hundred million dollar budget for a streetcar in orange county has gone off the tracks yards county transportation authority has agreed to a more than one hundred million dollar increase obt a board member and anaheim mayor tom tate opposes the project and says there are better ways to spend four hundred million bucks a.

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