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Welcome back to NewsRadio six ten WTVN live coverage of the winter storm that well it wasn't. Then it was analysis really damn cold out there, man. Just Friesen got an update here on your snow -mergency levels. Franklin county, we are under a level to stow -mergency. Basically. This means road conditions are very hazardous, and you should not be driving unless absolutely necessary, and you really need to kind of think about why in the world you need to be out. In case. You're knucklehead that works in radio, and you have to drive in Delaware County level to Fairfield Fayette level twos. We've got Madison County is a level two. Pick away county is a level two richland's a level to Ross level to union level to pretty much the entire area other than really Athens. And then I've got more oh county is at a level three which means you are subject to arrest. If you're out on the roadways and just as a reminder, again tanger- outlets in Jeffersonville in sunbury. They are closed your Columbus metropolitan, libraries, close the zoos close, although good luck. While you were trying to. The zoo today, vets memorials closed Cosi is closed and also coda bus services free today for all writers because of that level to snow emergency. We do have a couple of hills snow hills out there. I'm seeing at least in Franklin county. The metro parks announced that Battelle Darby creek and CEO, grove parks. You can do some sledding or sled. Ryden dependent on how you view it. And oh dot right now has two hundred and forty drivers working twelve hour shifts throughout central Ohio. So they're getting it done, man. And as of right now, again, a piece about eight hundred people without power in and around Franklin county, which is a lot better when it was over five thousand earlier this morning. It is my pleasure. My honor to bring onto the show the guy. I am lucky and blessed enough to be able to say I get to produce. And he lets me play side kick and be as cohort on the afternoon show. The Mark blazers show Monday through Friday, three to six on this great station. The one the only it's the Mark plays her, dude. Thanks for calling in, man. I appreciate it. Absolutely, man. I don't deserve that kind of an intro. And I hope your stay in war. And I it is absolutely. Unbelievably numb outside. It's crazy. Yeah. Dude. It's like, it's it's sort of like how I feel on the inside watching most sporting events when my team's losing just numb and cold. And I'm I'm I've got nothing going on dude. So we kind of maybe I don't know if we should peek behind the curtain and let people know but last night you and I exchanged attacks message where we're kind of like, oh, man. Yeah. What a storm. Yeah. Her. Yeah. We're even exchanging Waldorf and Stadler memes from the Muppets. And then Bowden nine thirty ten o'clock when that thing switched to snowman. We got hit pretty good. I think we ended up with about four inches in Dublin. What what was it like up in blazer territory because I know you live a little north of where I do up Olen Tanzi school area. Yeah. Yeah. It was in Delaware. And it ended up. I think we ended up just over six inches here. So just a couple of more than where you're at. And we were under a level three which I didn't even realize this morning until I don't know not too long ago. You've done the exact time. But I was out. I got out pretty early started messing with the driveway such and my neighbor comes out to walk his dog. And he's like you're under a level three. I had no idea. Good thing. Because I was warming up the Jeep. I was going to try to find a place and get caught because my daughter on the heels of a birthday party yesterday. She had girls staying, and I was trying to be super dad, blah, blah, blah. But yeah, this morning it ended up being it was pretty good man with the blowing drifting up here in Delaware. It's it's it's still not the greatest out right now. I was out just a little while ago. But we got hit pretty good just a little bit a little bit harder. Probably than Dublin. Even started the show..

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